Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Errkk… I have the dating blues…

Is it me or am I just plain not bothered nowadays?

Remember when I blogged about me ‘finally opening up to men’ (Now now… NOT MY LEGS… Behave la ya’ll!) and giving out my phone number to strangers who find me hot beyond belief? (Well, I have always thought so of myself anyway. Hahaha!). EK! I prove to be just another painful experience for them.

They called a few times and I didn’t find it a need to return their calls. They text, but I didn’t reply them until maybe 3 days later. I am not even excited enough to go out on dates with them although they were pushing me to.

I am just perfectly happy staying at home. I find driving out a chore and besides, I don’t think they will be able to intrigue me with interesting stuff to talk about anyway. One dude was even forward in trying to bring me home and shit. I was like whaaa?? I don’t even want to ride with you in your car. I ended up asking him ‘Do I look frikkin’ cheap to you?’I told him that if you just want to go and get laid, I trust there will be plenty of meat at Beach Club for you to take your pick from and not necessarily the woman who caught your eye reading CNN website at Starbucks (Sayalah tu).

Another bloke was extremely pushy and was asking me when I would be free enough to have a decent date. I told him that my priorities right now are unfortunately not to get hooked up with anyone. He did tell me that he wanted to be friends with me anyway(No, I didn’t believe that okay? What am I dumb?) Just to be fair, I called him when I was near his residence and I happened to ‘lepak’ in Starbucks at the time.

I hate it when I have to justify my action to someone I don’t know. So when he asked me if I only would be thinking of asking him out whenever I have the time.

And, unassumingly, I said… YES.

"So you don’t really want to go out with me, properly then?"

‘Ahh… that’s a toughie.’ I thought. But I told the person a diplomatic answer;

"I can’t promise anything yet. See how things are going. Cool?"
But Seriously? I couldn’t be bothered – lah! I’d rather stay at home, watch DVDs and sleep or go shopping with my girlfriends.

Unless, you can come up with interesting and fun dates like Will Smith in Hitch, maybe I will go along. It’ll be a bonus if he looks like Will Smith too. Ahh… one could dream… and drool… :P…

Speaking of dates, one thing that has been bugging me lately is just how dated (pardon the pun) these things seemed to be in Malaysia. Most men came up with the typical date agenda. Dinners (posh or not), movies, window shopping (HAHAHAHA!!!!) and coffee. I don’t consider clubbing to be a date because that is obviously only a way to get in our pants.

I don’t have any memorable first dates. I have to admit that all the men I have gone out with are the typical males. As for the 2nd, 3rd or final base dates, well I guess I can commend T to come up with a rather interesting one. He taught me wall climbing, which was cool, totally unexpected, I was freaking out because I know nuts about it and I was also terribly concerned that he would see all my jiggly bits.

But, I ended up being his other half for close to two years until he left for the UK.

Personally, I would let an unoriginal first date slide. But with my many experiences of trying to struggle through lame boring dates, I have come to a conclusion that I have lost the interest to go on any more of those.

I don’t know la… surprise me why don’t you?


  1. i would say, you have grown out the fun only zone. you're just tired. and couldn't be bothered; ahh.. u've said that already. hehe.. like la last time. just plain lazy to go on lousy outings. dok rumah lagi best. my opinion is, good for you! seriously. hehe.. it's better to stay at home, than thinking of ways to get away from the lousy date.

  2. yup you got that right babe...I am a hot hermit who enjoy my sleep.

  3. Damnn.. your ex thought of the same thing that I did. LOL. I love rock climbing. I got a few other ideas that might peak your interest too, but I'm married so no point telling you :P Hehe

  4. try not to think of it as a date coz' a 'date' only put this unnecessary pretense of expectation of wat it shud be like. bla..bla..
    Hey.. speaking of which, wanna date me? (ha..ha.)

  5. Izso,

    uuuu.. like what? does it include Go-Karting and a totally English picnic by a Malaysian waterfall? Ehehehehe...

  6. ez,

    No thanks. I prefer to roll solo now.. ahahaha...

  7. Sarc : *Big small eyes* How'd you know? Incidentally I'm a ardent Go-karter and I serenaded my gf (now wife) at a Malaysian waterfall called "Berkelah", ie-picnic.. kaka

    MAN.. you.. ARE.. GOOD!

  8. babe. you've been tagged. check my blog. hehehe...

  9. i know.. go on as many dates as you can and blog about it. i used to just go out on dates just to bitch about it with my girls after that. not now la, now kalu Mr Seademon will kill me...hahah...

  10. Izso,

    ihihihi... I know because I knowlah.. actually that was what my ex did also. No wonder i still love him.


    hah Tagged, owh... saya ingatkan saya tak seglamer mana.. hehe


    Dah pindah JB ke? bestnye... i bitch about dates all the time... haiyo.. sudah ada soulmate whay you need to go out and waste time dating?

  11. Sarcy,

    Jeez, i haven't dated for a while too! with someone new i mean. and yeah, have to admit, i do think to get into a girls pants if i thought the girl was hot, but luckily, i dun think i was ever that unimaginative!!!


  12. Sarcy,

    i'm glad you agree with me!