Monday, September 22, 2008


I am itching to put this post up in the blog.

I am literally scratching my hands.

I am currently still on the dating wagon. It had been good I guess. I get to meet new people and I get to make friends with them and a host of other people. It’s predictable but it gave me something to do aside from taking photos and since it is the Ramadhan, I don’t run every other weekend now.

I thought I would be finally be rid of bad dates. But, like how they put it, never say never.

But the date I went on last weekend took the cake. It was the epitome of all bad dates. It was the worst date I have ever been on. Forget the Beemer guy who talks about what he has half of the time, forget the dude who asked me if I read, forget the lawyer who talked about his exes, no other bad date could possibly be this BAD.

This guy is the crème de la crème of bad dates. Apparently he took offense that I never returned his calls or any of his text messages he sent over the week. We have kept in touch on and off over the month and being that Sarcy never really had time for all this (and plus, I thought, he could just… wait) I never bothered to.

We had dinner at one of the restaurants and he said that he thought we would be having dinner in Kenny Roger’s. He said he liked the chicken there.

Listen. When the woman said that she wants to have dinner at another restaurant which does not have pictures of an old country singer, she really meant it. I don’t mind paying for my own share, hell, I don’t mind paying for his share if he was really that unprepared for a date. Not that I was actually expecting him to pay.

How the date came about? I guess you can blame it on boredom. It was a Saturday evening and I slept well through break fast and just happened to feel like having a plate of Olio Pasta. Since I happened to be at the area, I decided to call the guy since he seemed eager to go out with me.

See, I give chances, I should have known better.

He also took ownership of the couple of brief 15 minutes coffee hang outs we had before. He told me he cancelled his appointment with his friends and whatnots just to meet me that evening. I asked him why, and said that he was welcomed to go off and that I was just fine dining on my own.

And then there is the bit about spicy food, of him eyeing my food like I have a plateful of maggots for my meal. He didn’t take spicy food. And I thought, wuss. But at that time, I guess, I was still giving him a chance.

"Come closer. You are sitting too far away."

I said no. The worst part was when he tried to pull my chair over to him. It was at that time I truly thanked my stars that I am not a size zero. Look, the phone calls, the SMSes, those didn’t mean anything to me. Those don’t give anyone a right to manhandle me like that.

We have very few things in common, actually, we shared almost nothing in common. He believes that a woman should put her career second and her family first. So he disapproved of my working hours and said that he will ask me to quit if he was my husband.

"Guess what. You’re not, never will be."

I am defensive about my career. For now, it is first. I will never dance to a tune set by any man, I do things because I want to and because I think I have to. That said, any man who wanted to be with me will have to get accustomed to my very individual feminism laced principles.

There were a lot of things that happened that night that ruled out the possibility of me maintaining my contact with him. It was really quite disappointing. He does look good, just a bit too short for my liking. I like those super tall ones.

The funniest part was the way the whole ‘date’ ended. He asked me where do we go from here? I was thinking, from where? I told him that I am sure he was a nice man and all, he would be a great boyfriend to someone else who deserves him more than I do. I told him that I am a bitch, in every sense, excluding the sleep around part.

"I don’t need to know where you stay, I don’t need to reply your text messages or return your calls. I don’t even have time to do all that. I just want you as a friend, you know, drinking partner, whatever… I don’t feel that way towards you."

I hope everything goes well for him. I am definitely going to be fine. I have always been.


  1. gosh! he definitely pushed ALL the wrong buttons! on first outing complaining the eating location. on first date dictating what you should and should not do. on top of that, thinking highly of himself! DUH. GOOD RIDDANCE! not even a good vibe to keep as a friend ler babe!

    by the way, happy hari raya to you. :-) and take care.

  2. ish.. mana kad raya??


    well.. i wont be contacting him anymore that is for sure.

  3. Wow. Talk about one major ego

  4. sarcy,

    Heh, being a guy myself, even i was embarassed reading! what a freaking idiot! anyways, that is definitely not the way to score with girls...maybe to get a kick in the crotch, but definitely not worth taking your panties of dear!


  5. 30something,

    never thought any man is worth taking your panties off for nowadays.

    women only takes off their panties so that they would be able to satisfy themselves, not to satisfy men.. i mean.. what the hell for?

  6. Whats that guy's prob??? Org mcm ni shouldve been born masa zaman 1800 dulu..hehehe..

    Oh yeah, just wanna wish you Selamat Hari Raya Sarc :))

  7. Kenny Rogers? no offence since i liked tht place too but for a date? how old is he? 18? *rolling my eyes*

  8. that guy is so conservative...

    i'm also defensive bout my career...

  9. CG,

    Thanks babe... Kad raya? Kuih raya???


    actually he is in his early 30's.. you can roll your eyes again la babe... ridiculous


    Kan.. tak guna betul.

  10. where do we go from here? heheh. but kan...

    i'd actually kesian kat dia. some ppl have retarded social skills. i've found out that common sense isnt really that common. maybe he just too nervous around you and was actually needing ur validation instead of imposing his to you.

    oh well... selamat hari raya & maaf zahir batin.

  11. I like Kenny Rogers sebab selalu dapat discount kat situ.

    The only plus point I see in that guy is that he's trying to be honest. For example he won't approve the working hours if he were your hubby. At least you know his stands.

    Some men looked and sounded so perfect on the first date and we women had to slowly learn the hard way on their true feelings and opinions. Just imagine how much time and money are wasted throughout the process.

    In this case, senang.... awal-awal you dah boleh reject dia.

    Selamat Hari Raya Sarcy, drive balik kampung carefully.

  12. agree that we men are a bit messed up. Egotistical, self centered, and more often than not, haven't a clue. but i myself am a bit messed up, so my opinion shouldnt really count...or does it just add further proof to a theory?

  13. Inn,

    first... congratulations... :)...

    ah well.. he is not a retard, just slightly demented that is all (I hope...) but i wouldn't know would i now?


    Ahahahaha... at least i know what he is like and how he functions. I tell you so many things that turned me off happened that night... i don't think I have enough space to elaborate... Hahahaha


    maybe it adds proof to a theory... but not saying that i am perfect. maybe i was just being hard to him, or to myself.

    but i know that i dont like the things that he did tht night, which was such a pity as he really do looks good.

    except maybe he should lay off the sleeveless jogging top he had on... i am not big on men wearing tank tops and such unless he is Justin Timberlake or Brad Pitt.