Friday, October 21, 2011



How do you differentiate between stupidity and laziness?

And plus, how do you deal with people who complaint about every single FUCKING thing, but at the same time, is not doing anything about it?

I am still trying to not be judgmental, really, I have been trying so MUCH. But sometimes, you just break, relapse, and all of the sudden you get to this level where all you want to do is to judge.

I personally think Life works in funny ways, that it's almost ironic and c r u e l.

It is c r u e l to find out how idiotic couples can reproduce by the dozens but those who want kids and whose kids would totally contribute to mankind, can't.

I mean, what gives? I thought it was supposed to be the survival of the fittest and all the stupids should just be wiped out from humanity? No? D A M N I T!

If this is Life's way of showing us humility and 'kindness', then shouldn't there be no wars also? Or is Life trying to balance it out with the survival of the bodohs (Stupids, literally translated...)

I am not in any way trying to say that I am smart. I suck with numbers. I didn't get algebraic equations until I was 18 and the only physical feat I can do is to bend my index finger to touch my wrist.

And as you can see, I am not eloquent either, I see myself as the average, the in betweeners.

But, I have common sense. I don't get to where I am right now by sleeping with my bosses, which I am sure some of us, men or women, do to just get ahead.

I am not pretty, so I would have to depend on my brains, my non - existent patience and my seriously decreasing sincerity.

Yes, now... I judge... I  don't like it... but an in betweener needs to rant... So... humor me.

So... really ... now.... what do we do with those who has NO common sense?

Like how an Asian (I digress on the nationality) restaurant manager called my friend that he is a racist just because he wanted to change the sides for his $60+ steak???

Like how a chef stormed out in anger to a paying customer of his empty restaurant to tell off  someone who would only want extra cheese on his pizza?

Like how a friend who told me to fuck off, and then tried to be back in my good books through Yahoo Messenger ???? (Boy I hope she will never reproduce... pity the person who is going to be friends with her kids! I will try to make sure it is NOT mine)

I mean... seriously ... WHAT GIVES????



  1. you are scary these days, you know that?

  2. Darlene; I know, I have my reasons for that. :)

  3. Pot and kettle.
    We are almost always one or the other.