Saturday, October 8, 2011

This week

1) News of the year...

Among others, Steve Jobs passed away. I am never quite the Apple user and the only Apple product I have is an 8GB I-Pod Nano which I won during last year's company annual dinner.

But without a doubt, he made Apple the household name that it is today. Now everyone own an I-Pad and it is so user friendly that everyone from Grandparents to 3 year olds can figure out how to operate it.

A true visionary. RIP.

2) The world doesn't revolve around anyone...

Though individually, it does. Everyone thinks that the world is in existence only for them, that every little mishaps or undoing is because the world doesn't agree to them.

Seriously, out of 6.97 billion people on earth, and possibly another 6 billion in another planet / universe, you think that your plight is the only one that matters?

Plus, it is not actually fate that determines what you are going to be, but really, it is yourself. don't like something? Do something about it.

For an example :

I decided to go out and 'put myself out there', instead of whining about my being single. I am still single but at least... I am trying.

And if I am still single, I know that I have tried and I truly am meant only for myself.

At least, I have my job to fall back to.

3) Paid Time Off

Or so I thought.

I was supposed to be off on Wednesday. And then I had to be in because I have to take care of something. I wanted to so called be in for half day, but turned out I was in the office until 6.30 am.

And then I changed my leave to Thursday and Friday. But again, I came in on Thursday, went back at 4 am. and came in from 4 pm - 7 pm on Friday.

The good thing about being in my position is that I can apply for leave at the last minute and it can be approved. The bad thing about that would be, I can also come back to work anytime I want to.

I am still waiting for that day I would say to myself 'Screw this', put in my resignation and take off. Huh... I wish but I know I sooo can't do that.

Happy Sunday everyone, we have less than 24 hours now to do weekend stuff.

God Bless!

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  1. Work is just work if you don't love it. Else it becomes your child and you won't let it go.