Thursday, October 27, 2011

And I think... I should...STOP...

1) Being Dismissive

I tend to just assume (Yes, yes I know what people said about ASS U ME -ing) that everything is going to not work out for me. Oddly, I think the sky's the limit when it comes to my career, but personal life wise, I suck. I have been so dismissive that I will just say that men just see me as a plaything, a whatever. There will never be that moment that a man would actually adore me for being who I am.

2) Selling myself short

Again, this has everything to do with my personal life. I am as gung-ho as Jackie Chan in a kungfu flick when it comes to my career but I am a cracker when it comes to dating and men. I can never say that I am good enough for anyone.

3) Dating

Why keep on doing something if it's not working right? I don't need more people in my blackbook, I need to get someone to make me give my blackbook away. If dating is not going to yield the results that I want, then I might as well, STOP doing it.

4) Eating unhealthy stuff

I grew up thinking McDonald's is one of the free world's greatest creation, that A&W was a Godsend and KFC as the hail Maries of all things deep fried and greasy.

When I hit 28, at 75 Kilos, I decided that I was living in denial. I was fat, I was unhealthy and I was in a phase where I just couldn't take it anymore.

Now, I am a healthy 60 kilos and eat only what I need (I DO EAT!). My body rejects all the junk I consume in an albeit, violent, projectile way (NO I AM NOT Bulimic).

5) Shopping

I think having more than 50 dresses is a sign that I should stop. And the fact that I only use one shade of lipstick (Correction--- 1 lipstick) among my umm... more than 5 ( I am in denial here) Benefit's, Bobbi Browns, Macs, Cliniques and Clarins is just another of God's way saying, 'I gave thee 1 pair of lips! Unless you want to color the other 'lips' as well.'

Maybe I will do up another entry on things that I should START.... soon.

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