Sunday, October 9, 2011


Note : Yes I am on a writing roll.

As usual, I tend to browse my FB friends' status posts.

And today it hits me!

I think there are certain specifications that a white man looks for when looking for an Asian bride.

One of them must have been--- inability to write/speak in English.

Maybe it must have just been fucking endearing... or.. errr.. 'cute' to share your life with someone who can't really speak your language.

I could be wrong and I am no one to actually say why white men marry the women they are with right now.

Guess right now, I am just mad at finding out that one of my expat friends found out that his incompetent and pretentious Asian wife cheated on him with another white guy. The fake blonde was caught red handed by the  soon to be ex-husband in a hotel room with the guy.

To add on to the humiliation, they were caught in a sleazy 3 star hotel downtown.

I mean, what the hell... what the fucking hell!

When I first met her, I was wondering what attracted the exceptionally kind man to a woman who decided to dye her black hair to platinum blonde and speaks like a moron on wheels.

But, I gave it the benefit of the doubt, like always. I also know some exceptionally bright women who married  expats. Sometimes, you just can't choose who you fall in love with, even if it is with a fake lashes wearing hooch/ a 50 year old white man.

When life throws you lemons, all you can do is to make lemonade. We will just have to hang on to our pants hoping that the lemons are good, not rotten ones.

I am not trying to stereotype women here. For all you know, I am stereotyped for dating white men (well, not much of a choice, considering the only men who approached me had been white. I am too fugly for the locals to notice). It's just that I have difficulties with anyone who cheats.

I caught one of my ex in bed with someone else. I know how it feels.

It's that betrayal by someone you are ready to give your heart and soul to, that anger you chose to vent on your ex's car/Armani suits/Ferragamo shoes/ Swarovski vase.

That realization that you were cheated. The discovery that you are not good enough compared to the slutty bitch he was in bed with.

Get the drift about the anger now?

So no, it's not that I am trying to stereotype women who are married to expats. Guess right now, I am trying to write down my thoughts on cheating, on betrayal and on moving on.

Joshua... Move the fuck on. Never look back to that platinum haired whore. Move on.

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