Saturday, November 6, 2010



Uuuu... Phone call...

Joyce : Where are you? 
Me : Waiting at the workshop with Krishna for his car to be done.
Joyce : Why????
Me : Because... unfortunately, he is my friend... *sigh*** You know that he is hairy? And now sweaty.
Me : And now he is a Tamil movie hero.
Joyce : Really?
Me : Totally.

Me : And now, he is imitating a gorilla.

Me : Where are you?
Joyce : Warehouse sale. Zara at RM 10 bucks!!!
Me : Waah... Krishna's smiling now. I think it's the promo for a new Tamil movie.

Okay, so I am no bikini model but everyone should stop smoking. Yes.. given that all of us will die some day, smokers and non - smokers alike, but hey, at least non - smokers smell better.

By this time, I am so tired, I could sleep at the sidewalks if I can.

I have gone to many overpriced salon asking for this haircut. All of them had these things to say to me :

Salon at OU that charged me RM 61 bucks for a boring haircut, a wash and a blow ;

"... Your face is round and this cut won't look good on you. And your hair (Twirls my hair a few times) is not suitable for this cut. You will have to relax the hair. Relaxing cost 200 over. I don't want to cut your hair this short wor... you won't look nice."

Salon at the Curve ;

"... Miss ahh.. you must rebond your hair if you want to cut this short wor. Right now, we have offer, rebond and treatment at 250 ringgit."

Dumb asses.

Then one day, Heima brought me to a salon in Uptown DU and I just said :

"Lao Pan (Boss), I want a drastic change. Kasi potong!"

" CAN!"

I settled for something that was longer, but then I asked the boss if I can go shorter, and he said ;

"YESS. Of course. But not too short, but shorter than this... CAN..."

So in the end I ended up with this cut hairstyle.

It's liberating to know that I spent less than 3 minutes to towel dry, blow and style my hair after having spent almost half an hour everyday with my medium long hair.

And this hair cut, with shampoo (Ok, the next time I go there, I am definitely going to ask for another shampoo boy as the last shampoo boy I had was rather sloppy) and blow dry cost me :

RM 45

(Should see my face when I heard the price! After been paying RM 100 over for hair cuts, this is a pleasant change!)


  1. I LOVE IT!!!!!

    So this is the evolution!!! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!

    mak nak jugak.... haircut RM45...

  2. I can offer you my Indian barber for RM 10 only :) mcm2 boleh :D ... hehe.. u looking good girl :D

  3. This hairstyle suites you well!

    And I've never paid more than RM35 for a wash and a cut