Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I love my life

Yes, I do. In all seriousness, I do.

Sure it might seemed like a drab at times. I wake up when everyone else is returning from work, I go to work when everyone else is going to sleep and I go home when everyone else is stuck in traffic jams racing to the office.

"How do you do it?"

Really? You want to know?

My blood pressure is lower simply because I don't battle incessant traffic jams to work. I have flexible working hours (Technically, it is fair as I am on duty even in my sleep). I work from home every Mondays and Fridays and I can even schedule my hours to be in the office for 12 hours in a row.

And then there is the matter of keeping fit. I am a Yoga convert, but that doesn't mean that I don't love doing hardcore weights and cardios. I love sweating, simply because I don't sweat much.

Of course, I love the fact that I don't have to wait in the sidelines for a man (Or anyone, really) to get me what I want. I want to cut my hair, I cut it. I want a leather Coach bag... heck... I go and get it. I want a yoga retreat Bali holiday, I plan one. I want to drink wine, I go and get a bottle of good red and guzzle it from the bottle or sip it like a lady, with my feet up on the couch...

Aside from waking up alone and the occasional breakdowns of unknown origins (imagine me waking up sobbing and at the same time saying; 'Why the fuck am I crying... I hate myself for crying... dammit Sarc... what the fuck is fucking wrong with you!!' (Yes... I do have a terrible case of a trucker's mouth)), I love my life.

You should too... *Winks.

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