Sunday, November 21, 2010

I am in a phase

I was told that my blog entries are now getting shorter and shorter.

So much so that they told me that I am actually better off tweeting, which I will never do (1 ; I have difficulties understanding the concept, 2; I think Facebook already taken care of my narcissistic tendencies)

Truthfully, my writing skills (except when it comes to authoritarian style emails to my colleagues and staff) has deteriorated over the course of time.

To begin with, I am not even a good writer. I only 'seemed' to write good because I used to be passionate, about maybe heartbreaks and soppy life's misadventures. I can write back then because I also happen to mix around with eccentric people.

Middle aged men who still club and act like they are 21 and confusing ladies with somewhat degenerate preferences (case in note : my blonde streaked SPG with darker than tanned artificial skin).

Now, I rarely club and when I do, it is a once in a blue moon event, I go out mostly with my close friends and when I do go out with men, it all came out disastrous. I used to be interested in going on dates and now, I wouldn't even know what to talk about during dates. Is the whole 'I want to know you better' still work? Honestly, I am getting quite sick of getting to know people better at this point. Mediocre dates has thrown me off. Plus... I am officially no longer concerned if the men I went out with called me or not after a forgettable date (Or one that was interesting even.)

So I have somewhat almost zero bitching to do, and also zero concern about anything that I used to be so concerned with. At the moment, my concern revolves more on work, my career plans and other peoples' career plan because I believe it is my duty to do so.

Once in a while though I do think about certain subjects that would probably make a suitable blog entry. I remembered how I was so emotionally motivated with various relationship issues that really didn't make any kind of bloody sense at all.

It was dumb. What's dumber was that I was not really doing anything about it.

Now, I am in a better place. Actually I felt like a brand new person. I feel more alive alone than how I was when I 'had' someone. I look better and I am actually doing well.

If I can multitask at work, buy a handbag worth 1000 bucks at a snazzy designer label and run on the treadmill for 20 minutes straight (I can't even manage a 2 mins jog before this), there is no telling what I can accomplish in the future.

So maybe I will blog more and longer about stuff when something out of the ordinary happens to me. Like if I am going to fall in love again, when I would, again, try to make sense of being in a relationship and to actually have sarcasm free opinion on the institution of marriage.



  1. it makes me nervous a little reading the first few sentences, you know how people who want to stop blogging would start their goodbye post... lol.

    write anything. i'm already a fan.

    (i laughed out louder at 'Honestly, I am getting quite sick of getting to know people better at this point.')

  2. You know, you can actually blog about positive things once in a while. 'Disastrous' entries really sap the spirit for writing stuff and it becomes a habit.

  3. Darlene,

    Awww thanks darling. :)

    Izso :

    Like what?

    Anyway, I think to a certain extent, I think positive things sort of throw me off perspective. I actually kind of.. Got irked a bit reading 'happy' things. Maybe that's just me.

  4. Ha? You the eternal pessimist eh?

    Chill la beb. Bila mahu pegi shooting! You got your cam?