Thursday, May 23, 2013

Do or Do Not, There is NO Try

In yoga, you will have to condition and discipline yourself to a pretty... strict schedule. 

My schedule is to have at least an hour practice every morning / afternoon, whenever my body decides to wake up on. 

I was pretty impatient before this. But after that talk with Guruji, I told myself that it takes time. 

But the one thing that I must not shortchange myself in, would be my discipline, my schedule. 

So my practice would start at about 4/5 am in the morning consisting of 6 rounds of traditional Suryas, 5 rounds of Surya A and 5 rounds of Surya B. (Yeah.. what do you expect? 108 rounds at my level... 2 more months please. \^_^/...)

That would be followed with pretty basic stuff like back bends, standing poses, forward folds, seated twists, inversions. 

My recent favorite, which came to me as a surprise because I am not really fond of standing positions, is the Dancer pose. 

Below is me doing a less than impressive Dancer pose about 5 months before. I can manage a deeper bend now, but haven't had the chance to photograph it yet. 

I take pictures of me in different poses to see how far I have progressed. It's not always for vanity.

To improve, you will just have to diligently do it, until you are satisfied with yourself. Standards in Yoga, had always been your own. 

That's what I like about the practice. It puts me head on with my own self. 

Well, if you are new to the practice like me... welcome to a journey of self discovery and challenge folks!

With Love, Namaste. 


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