Monday, March 25, 2013

In a world where humanity is disappearing...

My friend was robbed in Shanghai, a couple of months ago.

He went over to a bar, was forced to pay 6000 Euros for 3 beers, was surrounded by violent Chinese men, and in the end, relented.

He also had his drinks spiked, and had a blurry account of the whole incident.

Being a traveler myself, this concerns me.

Recently, we were rudely shocked by the American woman who was kidnapped in a cab and gang raped by two men.

The woman was picked up barely 10 minutes away from my home and it makes me wonder, how safe are we really, in our own backyard.

We have law makers who try to define the act of rape, by blaming women who 'don't cover themselves.'

So far, the precaution had been on the women.

Don't step out of your vehicle in clothes that might send the wrong signals, don't go out alone, don't go out after midnight.

When the precaution for prevention should involve the men as well. Men should have respect towards women, just like how they would like to be respected. I do not think any man would like a cock to be stuffed up their asses, forcefully. Why would anyone else be different?

The world is screwed up. People are more paranoid than ever (Myself included).

Humans have lost their humanity, some were blinded by religious hatred, some by political preferences, and some by the wrong kind of education.

My mum said, in the 70's, when she was in her 20s, she used to hitchhike. People were nice and trustworthy.

I know there were exception. I know of the famous serial killer, Ted Bundy, who picked up his victims this way.

But that's the thing, it was an 'exception'. Nowadays, we would just shrug it off. It's became the rule, rather than the exception.

What can be even sadder than the women allowing the possibility of rape unto other women, indirectly, saying that it's ok to rape them too?

I am not feeling enlightened today. I am feeling rather depressed. :(


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