Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cosmic order

When I was young-er, I have always somehow blamed the universe for my less than perfect life.

Of course, I wasted my 20s searching for things that don't matter. I was living with my family and this restricted my thinking, that there are lot more things out there. That anything is possible.

I blamed the universe for my weight, my immaturity and my unlucky lovelife.

Now that I am in my 30's, a bit of a late bloomer, to be honest, at least when it comes to living life, and love, as a whole, I have learnt that the universe, in a twisted way, is and had always been... Fair.

The truth is, it is your choice, how you want your life to be. The universe, somehow, sneakily, plays a role.

My cat, Titu, was lost for the whole week since last Monday.

I searched for her everywhere, I worried about how she was doing, what she was eating and whether she got into a fight with the street cats.

At the same time, I was accepting of it. If I am meant to find her than I will. As a cat, it is very likely that she is going to be ok.

On Sunday, I was on my way home from my weekly rice session when I heard a loud meowing.

And I knew that meow.

I searched, and found Titu. Lo and Behold, there she was, crouching under a car, scared and confused, but there nevertheless.

See? The Universe is sneaky. You will just have to let go, and let it take its' own course.

Namaste, and with love.


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