Friday, March 1, 2013

Crystal Mojo

In the spirit of experimentation, for my 34th birthday, I asked my best friend for crystals.

He is a believer in crystal healing, and I love semi precious Magic stones.So I thought, what the hell, I'll give it a try.

We went to a holistic healing center that also sells crystals and provides expert crystal consultation.

And I guess, in that blur, sleepy headiness as I had less than 5 hours of sleep, I was gradually drawn to a pendant :

This pendant is a combination of Rhodonite and Morganite (I was told).

Apparently, my being drawn to it meant that it called out to me, my energy.

During the consultation, I was asked, what do I want the crystal to do for me. This was before I picked this one out.

I had a very rough day at work the night before, so I said I want to find peace of mind, because I was feeling so tired mentally from a double whammy on attendance and quality.

"And... love... I guess." I figured, buy crystal with a free happy meal toy of a boyfriend can't be bad.

The consultant looked at the collection of gemstones that they have, and reached out to the pendant, because I told them that I want to wear it on my person as often as I can.

I was told that because it is a pendant, it will help in giving me peace and also love, as it is worn on the heart chakra.

And in case you have no idea what new age holistic  pseudoscience mumbo jumbo I am talking about, below is a simple outline of Chakras :

I practice yoga, so 'chakras and auras' are words that are all too familiar to me. It is believed that an aligned chakra is the best state of being for a yogi, or any person really.



But in all sincerity, there's no harm in trying, like what I said... in the spirit of experimentation, let's grab some crystals and boogie on.

And these will also help with stress, I thought they are so pretty, and holding them with nice lovely thoughts can't be all that bad.

I am not trying this to prove anything. People swear by  it, and I might think differently.  I am putting my sarcasm and my tendency to be a skeptic aside.

Live life, believe a little. ;)

Namaste and with Love,


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