Monday, June 13, 2011

There is no sweet gain without pain...

A picture I asked to be taken just because I want to know if those burpees, push ups and weight training did me justice or not, if those sweat and tears I secreted is well worth the muscle pain of twisted wrists and veins and what have you nots...

Not to forget all the time I strived on making my own meals so that I would be able to keep with the diet... (Still not able to forego my post workout soy latte, Cappuccino and that... sinful sinful chocolate chip muffin with Moroccan mint Tea treat every weekend! If not, I think I will be awesome-er. -_-)

So the next time some skinny person come up to me and said that I am fat, I will drag her to the gym and bury her under exercise mats, dumb bells and the treadmill.


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