Monday, June 20, 2011

Me? Political? Nooooo...

I am apolitical.

For a reason.

I get extremely frustrated when talking about politics.

And I am in a position where I don't have a single concern for the people in power right now, or for the opposition.

Because all of them are fighting for their own interests. The opposition was saying that they are pro - equality when the fact remains that they are just 'thinking the best for their own people'.

We live in layers of political hypocricy. And worst, everything is mixed up with the matter of race and religion.

Which is all bullshit.

I have been very outspoken about my 'political' frustration. So much so that my Mother thinks I should shut up and just keep my opinions to myself.

Well, Mum, that's not gonna happen.

I love Malaysia. In all it's humidity and people who thinks Durian is the king of fruits, I love this country.

Malaysians mostly are very well rounded people. At least we know where KFC comes from although I have to admit, I didn't know about Erithrea being a country until I was 25.

But... all and all, we are very well rounded. We know each other's culture and we are fine with it. I love the fact that parents' neighbours, who are not Muslims, gave me a green packet on Raya. I love the fact that my married Non - Chinese friends gave us single ones red packets.

I love the fact that we celebrate every single festivities together.

What I don't like (hate) is that the government thinks that the people are a bunch of retards whose lives need to be directed to a certain moral standard, devised by them!

They are giving attention and priority on things that shouldn't matter and undermining those issues that needs to be up there in the first place.

And Malaysians are either 1) Racists or 2) Too tired to care and is just waiting to get the hell out of this country.

To affect change is similar to getting your bum flogged by your Malay ancestry saying that I am traitor and to be accused of all the others of being a fool.

And then people ask me why I don't have any political stand?

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