Saturday, December 27, 2014

On being brave

I was told that I did a pretty brave thing of leaving a job that made me miserable. 

I am also considered brave to be 'open' about what I think in social media. My thoughts on religion and the likes can be, almost blasphemous. 

However, because I am Malaysian, of both Malay and Chinese heritage, I understand the meaning of tolerance deeper than most.

I am also brave on wearing yoga leggings and sports bra for yoga selfies. 

Well, consider this, if my body had not changed over the years, I don't think I would be brave to do this now. 

Even now, I still have issues with my body. At 35, I am slowly defeated by gravity. 

And at 35, I still do wonder what the hell is it that I am actually good at. Most of the things I did, had been more of a 'throw me in and see if I come out in one piece' kind of thing. 

The free time that I am reluctantly having, gave me a lot of time to think. 

The conclusion is this, I am pretty good at insisting on doing what makes me happy. 

Considering that so many people are defeated by the needs that they abandon their happiness, that is a skill on its own. 

I will (hopefully) be blogging come new year's (haven't you heard, blogging is kind of... Dead). Until then, keep afloat and someday you will fly. 



  1. At 35 I believe that it's essentially important to reevaluate where our next phase of life would be going.