Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Do you find yourself telling people that you have no choice but to do something at a specific point of time? 

Nowadays, I try to not say 'I don't have a choice.' 

Because, seriously, we always have choices. 

Ever read something on something as flimsy as Facebook to get an epiphany? Or.. Ok.. A realisation at the most. I read what an FB friend wrote on choices... And it urges my gray matter to respond to it. In a sense of agreement, I concur to the notion. 

Even in life and death situations, there are always choices. Your choices depend on what you place as your life priorities, and your priorities depend on who you are.

There are always at least two choices to a situation. There's never none. 

With that, make your choice if either positivity or negativity. Remember, the consequences will always be yours to bear. 

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