Monday, November 12, 2012

The rules of attraction

Human chemistry is tricky.

It goes beyond logic.

So it doesn't matter how nice a person is... if there's no chemistry, there is no way anything can go from there.

Sometimes I do think about the chemistry I have with the men I met. I have the tendency to date 'fit' men. I am not used to dating anyone who is not, anymore.

I have only dated one person who was obese overweight, and I think he still is.

I broke that up not because he was obese overweight, I ended it because he was never there when I needed him and plus... he was a racist pig.

In my case, I had always been, and I think I can speak on behalf of the women's population here, attracted to bad boys... aka... bastards.

And yes, I ignore the good ones, putting them into the friend zone, never to be considered as a person I can be with.

I am also highly attracted to men who knows what they want, who is athletic, who can at least.... make me feel as if I am ... well... controlled.

And I do still have a weakness for bad boys... but a friend once told me, the one good thing about bad boys, is that, when they love you, they truly will love you. A changed bad boy is the best man any woman can get.

I can vouch for that, after all, the one who who got away, who is now in the UK, who is now a lawyer, who is now married to a woman who shares my name, who now has a daughter, was the baddest ass, who by chance, met with a bad ass girl.

In a way, we domesticated each other. We learned the meaning of commitment and we learned that we can't stay bad forever, edgy... yes... but it's impossible to stay bad when you are in love.

Which sounds... cheesy... and corny.

No,  I am not in love, nor am I in a relationship now. I am in the process of being in one.... and hopefully, this can be the final one that I will ever need to do a trial and error on.

Well, one can wish and hope.




  1. Hmm.
    A signed confession.
    Definitely a sign.

  2. Onwards, Forwards..

    Shutting the door but keeping a window open. :)