Thursday, December 15, 2011

Countdown to 2012

Starts ...


Kind of...

Anyway... Nowadays I spend most of my late afternoons working remotely from my favorite restaurant in Bangsar.

I have made it a habit for me to start my work hours earlier so that I have an excuse to go back earlier, as in... when the skies are still pretty much dark...

I found out that this schedule works for me.

Never mind that I am known as the chick(Who am I kidding, I am about to be 33 next year) woman who orders Capuccino everytime (I swear, this place makes THE BEST CAPUCCINO in town!) and whose timing is like clock work.

I will be in the cafe from 5.30 pm onwards, with my java, my work laptop and all manner of documents on my table.

The only time when I would not be seen at this place, slaving hanging out with my favorite designer effing coffee would be on the weekends, with the occasional quick breakfast on Sundays.

And Uh... I am aware of Christmas by the way... presents are bought and dress ready... hoping to snuggle up with The Scotsman under the mistletoe in some Christmas party.

Actually, I am more excited about the long weekend more than anything. :)

Okay... I better get my ass print off this seat and head off to work.

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