Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thoughts #3

I was at Pavilion waiting for The Scotsman when I saw the couple.

They must have been, maybe in their 60's and were having their tea. The husband fed a spoonful of cakes to the wife and then wiped some crumbs off the corner of her mouth.

She, in turn, prepared his coffee, two teaspoons of sugar, and stirred slowly.

I know that I have a sarcastic opinion on love. I have almost zero ability to fall in love with anyone. I have, instead, learnt how to zero in on just my animal instincts.

I mean, if men can only see me as sex material, I will just have to give in, right?

And then The Scotsman joined me, kissed me on my lips and removed my earphones.

"I love those earrings. They are new?" He asked.

I shook my head, and he took my hand.

It was only a 30 mins meet, but yet it made my day.

I can't imagine having someone who would make my day, everyday.

I can't imagine being so much in love with someone and to stay in love for more than a year, without a man wanting to end it or me trying to walk away from it.

I think, 30 years from now, I might just be seen having coffee and eating cake, on my own.

I just hope, I'd still look considerably good for a 62 year old.

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  1. Same comment as on your 18 Aug posting.

    Don't try to sabotage your own life, there is plenty of others that tries enough.
    You have a right to be happy.
    So be happy.