Friday, August 19, 2011

Thinking over...

Miguel, my friend recently came over to KL from the States for a brief visit before he goes off to Jakarta for work.

He was my Strategic Business Unit Manager, who I had come to see as a friend and confidante, even after he resigned from the company.

It was nice meeting him again, after 3 years. We kept in touch via email and phone calls for the last few years and to actually seem him in the flesh was great.

Because we are no longer work colleagues, we no longer have obligations to be 'professional about our personal lives'.

He is in a relationship now with his current girlfriend and something that he said made me think :

"I honestly can see myself with her, for a long time. Perhaps, if it's possible at all, forever. Once it goes past the physical, you know you are ready for it. The other women I date before this was you know... like ... whatever."

I can't help to think that, I have been a lot of men's 'Whatever'.

And to make matters worst, I can't seem to believe that I will come to that point of wanting to be with someone, for a long time.

You know it's either you have been single for far too long or you are just too much of an expert in predicting the next course of events.

At 32, I am not in a rush to be in anything... but it doesn't mean that I don't ever want it to happen. Guess when you are over that thirties threshold, you just refuse to settle and prefer to be with someone who would balance you with their differences.

It's depressing to think about it, yes. But thank God that my exercise regime helps me to cope with it.

I don't know when's the next time I would have the time to write an entry, but in case I won't :

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all those who celebrates it.

PS : Not in the mood to celebrate it this year, but it's only proper that I still wish the best for everything.

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  1. When you see it you will know.
    It's not a very good answer but it's as close to the truth as it is.
    It will take more than butterflies in the stomach to make you loose the skepticism and doubt.
    And only a partner that understand that can give you that kind of security blanket.
    If it's meant to be it will be.
    The lord is a funny master.
    I think you will be pleasantly surprise at the final outcome.