Monday, December 27, 2010

So ... how was your year? Really?

Work. Chaos. Education. Realization.

To sum up the whole of 2010 in a few words.

Life is not worth living without actual challenges, really. For me, this year, represented a bunch of obstacles. All of which, I would like to gladly say, I have gone through, successfully.


Well... to be honest, I was thrown into the inevitable world of Call Center Management after my Boss left.

I went for the interview for the manager post mainly because... I do not want some unknowing twit to run the department, destructing the process as we know it.

At the same time, I was also keen on making some improvements within the project.

And umm... Yeah... to help people... the people who want to move forward.


I have learned that I have to be extra cautious of who I decided to have in my circle of friends.

I have made the unfortunate glitch in judgment by allowing someone back into my circle of friends. I don't know if I have mentioned it before, but this person waddled (literally) back into my so called 'good books' by playing the victim.

I should have known from the start that when she dropped me off just because someone else I knew played her, that she was just not worth the trouble.

I hate it when I offer my help or advise and then rudely declined. To be on the receiving end of stuff like 'If that's the best you can tell me then you might as well just keep it.' is degrading especially when you know you are trying to help.

And the degradation multiplied when this person who dropped me and my best friend as friends tried to re-waddle back into the circle through Yahoo! Messenger.

The fuck she's thinking? Apa kau ingat aku bodoh ke Biatch?

Friendship to me is the fact that you will still be able to be friends even when you are mad with each other. Joyce and I fought, but we settled it like adults. And she is one of my best friends. Mainly because we understand each other that much.

One thing for sure, if you don't want my friendship, I won't care to give it.


UC - He is officially out of my life.

Trey - His son was born. I limit my communication with him.

NSA - I am over thinking that he could be the one.

As a matter of fact, I don't think there's anyone good enough to be in my life.

My body
I lost a total of 12 Kilos.

I went from this :

Bad Hair, Make-up and FAT

To this in 2009, already dropping weight:

And finally, to this in 2010...

And plus, I finally cut my hair the way I always wanted  :

And I get to make new good friends, and also retain the ones I love :

To top it off... I got myself a Sister in Law, and a niece in the works. 

All and all, not a bad year... ;)

I would like to make a toast of the best premium Moet Chandon to everyone. May we have a better year in 2011.