Friday, August 20, 2010

My 5 cents (2 cents cannot use already. Obsolete)

When I was small, I was taught that people who don't fast has a passport straight to hell.

For a 5 year old, this is pretty big. We were brought up with that very straightforward concept of heaven and hell.

That is -- every little kid who calls other little kids 'Bodoh' (Stupid) is going to hell, and everyone else who didn't, go to heaven.

Addressing self as 'Aku' (A more casual, somewhat rougher, version of I) and others as 'Kau' was frowned upon.

... And therefore is the language of those who is sooo going to hell.

I told you for a 5 year old, this was pretty heavy stuff.

I was wondering if I, as a 5 year old actually thought that with all these don'ts, well... what can we actually do? Or say? Or is my God really so petty that He wouldn't even forgive kids for saying all those bad things.

Granted that calling other kids 'Bodoh' are fun bad but the point of the matter is, why was it that adults had to drag in the concept of Heaven, hell and God into the equation.

Instead of loving God, we were taught to be fearful of God. Instead of God as the one entity who has so lovingly provided us, He became the punisher, who enjoys throwing kids around in hell.

I turned out fine of course. I learned that calling other people 'Bodoh' is okay provided that they deserve the title, I learned that it is just so odd addressing myself as 'saya' when you are already on a 'tepuk tampar' (fooling around) stage with friends.

I also learned that this whole concept of God, Heaven and Hell is really what we, as individuals make of it.

Take fasting as an example. There are people right now, in this modern times, who still fast because they are more concerned about what other people are saying if they don't. Others decided that it is ok for them to not fast in their own house but all of the sudden they refrain from drinking and eating outside of the house.

The question is Why? When I was not fasting, I didn't see the point of me hiding it. I could not fast because of a valid reason. And plus I don't care what other people think. What business do they have in my affairs or thoughts with MY God anyway?

I was overjoyed when I can fast at last. I fast because I want to, because I think it's the least I can do for my God. He did give me what I was hoping for, except maybe he is holding a bar on my personal life for now, only because I think He knows maybe I am not that ready for another person to ruin be in my life now.

Heaven and Hell is right here on earth. What you do is what you get. You do bad things, you get bad things. You do good things, you will end up with good things. Karma, the golden rule...

Whoever said that it is a must that everyone will be judged during the end of time? Why would God the Almighty, wait so long for you to accumulate your wrong doings and to only give what you deserve after you are dead. Isn't it better to smack you when you are still alive.

God is, the most powerful entity and he can turn back time if he thinks he want to.

That said, I would rather be the shorts wearing, tube dresses and heels adoring, sincere, God loving person than an all covered up, God fearing and reward expecting (With every so called 'ikhlas' deed) person.

Ni lagi bulan Ramadhan ni. Kata bersederhana, pergi Pasar Ramadhan beli makanan untuk 10 orang bagai padahal kat rumah ada dua orang je. Nak Raya ni, sofa yang belum setahun pun kau nak tukar semata-mata nak tunjuk kat jiran sebelah yang kau banyak fulus. Gelang emas beli tahun lepas belum puas pakai dah mintak suami beli yang baru. Motif?

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