Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hello... it's about to be October! What the....!!!!

Felt like yesterday that I...

Met The Scotsman... How crazy is it that I met him in March?

He is still my dearest friend, the one who can make out my sarcasm, just like how my best friends are able to find out what's going on in this fuzzy brain of mine.

Joyce Got Pregnant... She is in her 7th month now and now my crazy friend is about to be a mother!

It felt yesterday that I finally started to live a little, to be able to let new people in, and to get rid of people who don't matter and to say that...

It feels bloody great to not have these people burden me anymore!

... And I hope, life is going to get better.

Don't you just hate me when I am all positive, shiny and happy??????


  1. not true! love it when u r all positive, shiny & happy - means i am not hopeless, yet ;-) *hugs*

  2. BlueIceCube,

    Aww.... don't think that way. *hugs*

  3. wait until you get into those golden bikinis.
    That WOULD be shinny.

  4. erk... dude.. I don't do 'gord bikini' wor.