Monday, January 5, 2009

Update on what ‘fictional’ things I have been doing…


To be honest, aside from being so frikkin’ busy at work, I don’t really have a lot of things going on since my last entry.

New Year’s Eve was sad, I was working and I pretty much slept the whole of January 1st of 2009 off. I was tired. Didn’t even text people wishing them a happy new year. I mean… how sad could it get? But I and the graveyard peeps celebrated the new year by dressing up to work, popping a bottle of Coke and taking silly pictures.

It’s the only thing we can do.

On the weekends, I met up with Joyce, Share and Amy to do some Annual Dinner shopping. The theme will be ‘Wild Wild West’ and we are struggling just to get our outfits together. We strolled into all of the boutiques in OU and walked out disappointed because we were not able to see or get anything we like.

Well, except for the knee high boots we so love in ZARA that I was not able to get because of the ‘pig skin lining’ and Joyce were unwilling to get because of the mucho expensive price tag of RM 399 (After 50% discount, apparently, like WTF?)

Joyce asked me a very honest question though. I am not particular about my food, I drink alcohol, so why should I be particular about the shoes… which makes perfect sense. Maybe a part of me is subconsciously conscious about it. Who knows.

And later that night, three of us went for a night out to Zeta Bar in Hilton. It was fun, I was introduced by the girls to some guys. Strangely, I started to miss my ex all of the sudden. So, sitting there, intoxicated by the booze and loud music, I text him. It was a frank message, something that anybody can come up with when you are well… pissed and drunk. The message was akin to ‘I miss you, I love you… you bastard…’ well… along that line la.

Well then, life moves on I guess. The guy I was introduced to asked for my number, and I think I gave him but I told him that I know he is never going to call. At least, I kind of remembered I did.

I was on a self destructing mode. I lost the desire to be with any other man after the whole drama. I don’t want to go through it again, but at the same time, I wish that I could somehow get someone, to take care of me.

I remembered what my very young friend told me. She is in an affair with a married man who is taking care of her. She said, "Oh well, what to do, I am not able to find anybody so just stick with someone who is married and can take care of me la."

We can be young, wise, fabulous, career oriented and all that crap, with a love life that has desperation written all over it.




Uhhuh Uhhuh!!


  1. Your friend knows that the married guy is just in it for the sex right? Gee.. shallow betul the relationship.

    And honestly - you need to talk to someone about all of these things that gets to your head. Exploding after a couple of drinks isn't really that healthy. Especially those SMS'.

  2. Coffee session! Very soon!
    am not in favour with all this "self distruct" mode babe. having fun s a-okay with me, but not that. :-p
    take care & hugs.

  3. Izso,

    oh well what to do... ;)

    Jade.. i am ok. a bit crazy.. but ok.

  4. Sassy Sarcy, babe. Lelaki boleh dicari, yang important you utamakan your own personal happiness. Go out there with a smile on your face and say "Fuck it. This is my life. I'll live it as I see fit."

    So what if you don't have a man in your life?
    You have all these lovely friends and family whom would always be there for you.

    Okay sorry terover kejap.