Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So... How's about it?

I blogger earlier on that I am trying out online matching services.

I get bored easily, FYI.

I have also said that there is no way that I am going to pay for anything.

I am not that hard up. I guess this is also because I have my reservations as far as meeting people online for the purpose of ... I guess... companionship?

I have to say most of the men whose profiles I read was, well... interesting.

They go by various nicknames eg: hunkforyou2009, sexymale, playa79.

Kind of surprised that noone actually nicked themselves as dickwart69 or cluelessneanderthal.


Of course, as expected, I am interested in no one. I have a few people contacting me through email. I got put off by emails like these :

Email #1 :
Sender : *TongkatAli

Hi Angel,

I like you. Hope to friend with you. You look sexy.

Email #2
Sender : *Sensitiveman


Wow... you are pretty, are you interested in marriage?

Email #3
Sender : oldbuthot


Very interesting, want to get together and find out if we are meant to be for each other?

My replies :

To Email #1 :

My name is not Angel.

To Email #2 :

You are on third base. Only interested in 1st.

To Email #3 :

How do you reckon we do that?

oldbuthot was 50 years old and was a divorcee, he was the only one who replied to my email. TongkatAli and sensitiveman stop their electronic bullshitting canoodling after I replied.

Reply from oldbuthot : 

For starters, we can meet up?

Reply from me :

Try to type more.

** the end**

Well... I guess I am not pretty / angelic/ sexy enough for TongkatAli and sensitiveman. As for oldbuthot, maybe typing more than two lines in an email was a challenge enough for him.

That... or he owns a really old PC.

And can somebody just tell me why would a site named has galleries of mostly middle aged white expat men? asiandating-- HELLO!

Strangely, they have galleries of skin baring Asian women in unbelievably tiny bikinis and barely there tops.

They should rename it as : - Find your bloodsucking, extremely tanned, limited English speaking ability but can fit into tiny bikinis Asian soulmate.

After a month of  'advertising' myself on line, I decided to delete my accounts. I think I might have overlooked certain genuinely awesome men, but I just don't have the interest to play along.

I got bored. Online dating is too superficial and I am apparently not photogenic enough for them.


I think I will settle for a meaningful partnership with my work for now. :P


  1. bwahahahahaha!

    online dating is a joke!

    like how IRC now is a joke too.

    perhaps you didn't join the right ones. MCA has this 'lonely hearts' gathering for chinese single folks every other month or something and there are a lot of genuine people there. But that's the chinese group only la, I'm just giving an example.

    Speed dating la. That's a helluva lot more interesting

  2. recreational clubs are a good way to meet people too -- date or friends -- diving, paragliding, hiking etc or even the seemingly 'tedious' tour groups. even if you don't meet anyone that you can really connect, at least they are still fun activities. but usually mesti at least you get to make friend with one or two people. the key is don't go with your friends. sign up alone. i met a quite a number of new friends this way.

    (this is coming from someone who's single too.)

  3. Eh... I spelled recommend with a 't'... wahahahahaha... I am sooooooo blur

  4. Izso: yeap it is. I was looking for a mixed speed dating group. Most of those I found are Chinese speed dating groups. :(... I want a wider spectrum... I guess all the other Malaysians don't do speed dating?

    Darlene : uu... care to recomment any? but these clubs only meet up on Sundays right? I work nights and would usually sleep my saturdays off... :P

  5. i've never tried paragliding but i heard good things about oxbold. my rule is (since our purpose here includes socializing) when in doubt ask travel agent. otherwise backpacking with your bestie is always the best!

  6. babe. holidaying at the club med yang you plan tu pun is really a good plan. do it soon. could be a launchpad to do anything (i think. haha.) pergi sorang2 (eh, but i'm not sure la club med boleh book for one person -- takkan tak boleh pulak kan?)