Monday, June 7, 2010


When I was a teenager, I was clueless about fashion. 

I was fat, that was the one reason why I stayed away from fashion.

My idea of fashion was comfort. Comfort means short hair, baggy pants and oversized tees. 

Owh and did I mention that I was fat? 

Growing up, I had a haphazard, rather tumultous fashion sense. 

I wanted, for a short period in my early adulthood, wanted to emulate TLC's style. This was way back in 1999. That explained my T-Boz hairstyle and my obsession with satin baggy pyjamas... 

I mean, check out their 'inspirational' video on YouTube. (Apparently, they have disabled embedding so I can't put the link here.)

This video made me starve myself go on a diet. I wanted to be buff like the late Lisa Lopez too, although I have never actually tried wearing men's boxers under jeans like she did. I was still living with my parents at that point of time so I still don't think that it was appropriate of me to do that.

There was also a period of time when I was also obsessed with British India clothes.

Or rather, the clothes that looked like British India, so I had a lot of white cotton long sleeved embroidered tunics that hid my 'spare tires' quite effectively.

And the shoes that I was into. I loved boots, had reservations about high heels and actually had a pair of kitten heels when Kate Moss wore it on the runway at that time.

Now, I am just comfortable in spaghetti straps, tube tops, dresses (Especially tube and maxi dresses.),  jeans and capris.

I also think kitten heels are possibly one of the redundant shoe designs. It's not high, and it's not exactly flat too. Unless you weigh a measly 40 KG, it hardly flatters your body and your posture.

I'd rather wear slippers than kitten heels.

To me it is simple. As far as shoes are concerned. When you want to go high... go for high heels and by this I mean, 4 inches and above baybee.

When you want to go flat, go ballerina or 'selipar jamban' (Toilet slippers). When you want to be comfortable,  Birkenstocks la. Although 'selipar jamban' can also double up as comfy foot wear.

So nowadays... this is me :

So ... the best advise I can give you on fashion is, it's quite alright to experiment with different styles. When you touch your 30's, that's when you find out what is your essential style.

And also, if you are going shopping, no matter what your gay friends say about your flats, point of the matter is :

Normal women don't go shop in 4 inch heels. No matter how gorgeous they look like on you.

Less you plan to not walk for the whole of the next day.


  1. I've seen 6" heels. Gila babi high ok!

  2. I have worn 5 inches. I felt like KLCC towers.

  3. Ass must've been pushed real high

  4. Heels does that to you. Heels were invented by French men after all.. Teeheheee