Wednesday, June 2, 2010


... good thing about living 5 minutes away from the office is that I can still post an entry even when I am starting work in ... owh.. I don't know 30 mins?

Today, Krishna and I went to KL to find the OCM building on Jalan Hang Jebat.

We had to get instruction from a copper to get there. It turned out that it was right smack to Stadium Merdeka. Do you know that we actually have a national 'bola keranjang' (Basketball) place thingie?

I just found out today, and I am 31!

We went to this unknown and under rated part of KL (Seemed like everyone knows Hang Tuah, and noone knows Hang Jebat, which is a shame because I have always loved Hang Jebat!) to register for the Shape/Men's Health Night Run happening in July. It has only 1500 places available and so I need to get registered as fast as possible.

I have been going to the gym for almost a year now. It would be interesting to find out what all those squats, lunges, jogs plus all the sweat and tears (Oh well... maybe just groans of pain and shit, but never tears) finally does for me!

I roped in a couple of friends to join me in the 5KM run (Yes... oh well... it's a start la), Jade and Mas. So there I was with my bb (and cellphone) talking to my girlfriends asking them about their age and IC number.


Apparently, you can go to the FTAAA office at OCM to find out about any runs available for you to take part in, which is interesting, who knows I might be interested to joing a full fledge 13.5 KM marathon run one day (Just typing it makes me breathless!)

I get an RM 5 discount for my registration as I brought my copy of Shape along with me.

The registration stub and the route map of the run. It is happening in Putrajaya and see the red marker on the map? That's our route, the amateur route. the blue one is for the competitive runners. 

I am really looking forward to the run. I am also looking forward to the camping trip as well, I will just have to confirm the arrangements with my hardcore camping partner, Chandra to find out what's happening.

Okay... I will have to go and work to earn the money I am using to make all this possible.

Have a great night everyone!!!


  1. Fuh...

    Get good running shoes. Like Brooks shoes or Asics. Nike and Reebok just don't make them like they used to. And Adidas is good but only certain models.

  2. Hehehe

    For someone who doesn't run, you sure know a lot about running shoes... :)... Nike just dome models. For some reason, I don't like Adidas.