Monday, June 28, 2010

Glee-ed but still pretty much Fringe-ed

It's now safe to say that I am probably Glee-ed.
I got a chance to watch the critically acclaimed series when I got home last weekend.

I arrived in JB at 8.15 -ish PM and went straight to a shopping mall to meet my parents and my sister there before going to dinner.

By the time I showered, it was almost 11 pm. My dad turned on Starworld and that sparked it off.

Remember this one particular episode where Matthew Morrison and Neil Patrick Harris sang 'Dream On' together on stage? I was hooked (Sort of).

The fact that the cast sings their own numbers made it all the more appealing.

But to say that I am a die - hard fan of Glee is hugely... inaccurate.

Fringe still tops my list of favorite TV series.

But... Glee is fun, so after having my fill of gruesome forensic/fringe science experiments gone wrong fiesta, I think I deserve something colorful and young... Glee fits that profile.

But, Joshua Jackson is still dreamy and Anna Torv is possibly the sexiest FBI agent to date by my standards. Fringe still rocks my world for now -_-'. John Noble is fun to watch as the genius but forgetful Dr. Walter Bishop.

And no, this is unlike my temporary obsession with Heroes. The thing with Heroes is, the first season kicks ass, but as it transition to the second and so on season, it failed to engage my interest.

I am well into the end of my second season of Fringe and I am still not bored. Go figure!


  1. What... so fast? I'm still halfway through Season 1

  2. hello Gleek!

    (tapi saya sudah berhenti tengok Glee.)