Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Things that I don't understand... ever...

1) Sex And The City. I don't get it. I just don't. 4 women in Blahniks living a celluloid life that almost never happen in real life... I just don't get it. Don't get me started on SJP, I don't get her also.

2) Lost the TV series. A bunch of people got on the plane, the plane crashed on an island and all of the sudden *poof* they are in a colony. Wth?

3) Flower vase thingie in the VW Beatle. I get (sort of) that the car is a chick car... but I am a chick, I don't need a vase in a car!

4) Football/Soccer.

5) People who roots (diehard-ly) for a football/soccer club but has never played or never cared about how it was played. Wtf?

6) Hot pants on guys. Gay guys included.

7) Men.

8) Why I still like men.

9) Why I still want to be in a relationship with a man.

10) Why I have never considered having a relationship with a woman even though I like looking at hot women more than men.


  1. hey Lost is like the best show ever created ~ Lost fan.

    and at least half of the things in football is pretty awesome (is awesome the usual word people describe football?)

    i love SATC the movie but not the TV series. and if you don't get SJP (Carrie?) you definitely haven't met Big yet. he's... blergh never mind !

  2. Lost is confusing! And I hate the mystery after mystery that's based on the original mystery that's still a mystery.

    I wish someone would just explain the whole thing to me in a nutshell.

    I can't stand SITC. Even the sex jokes aren't funny.

    There's a flower vase in the new Beatle? Dang. The things I never knew. I'm sure it's removable though.

    I can't stand football either.

    And finally I like looking at hot women too. :D

  3. Lost? It's the scriptwriters' state of mind. They can't make up their mind. I don't mind watching a bunch of people get lost but hate it when I feel the same. I simply couldn't keep up after the first season.

  4. Haha, everyone concur on my opinion on Lost? Darlene, looks like we are not as patient as you are with that series. ;)