Thursday, June 17, 2010

Swallow it dude.... SWALLOW!

Due to the fact that I don't meet men in my profession or meet... well people (new ones) in general in my line of profession, I have decided to give my friend's suggestion a go.

She suggested that I try one of those online matching services.

Why? Because she met her so - called soulmate there. <--- I don't believe in soulmates so forgive me if this sounded a little harsh... and uh... sarcastic.

I told her ok. She said that I will have to pay to be able to send emails etc.

I told her, hey I said I'll try but HELL NO I am going to waste my hard earned money on something a little bit far fetched.

I have always had my reservations when it comes to meeting people online. I mean, casual meetings like meeting fellow bloggers are something different entirely.

Meeting someone online for the purpose of ... creating a relationship out of thin air?

Na'ah... I am not comfortable with it.

But considering my current situation, it's worth a shot, I'll give it a month, great if it IS as amazing as how my friend would have put it.

I can still remember my own face and reaction when she first told me that she met her boyfriend through one of these things. I had to swallow and made a horrible fake happy face.

Now, I am swallowing my pride to experiment on something that is not even tangible, something that I have little faith in.

I guess, there is no harm trying, really.

For all you know, it might be the same, no one will be interested / noticed me, I won't be interested in anyone, and I would just click on the delete profile button and it all goes up in the air, without a speck left hanging.

I'll keep you updated. :P


  1. babe, you must go and do it with an open mind. apa benda kita buat, kena yakin. without faith, nothing will happen because your mind is already set that no one will take notice of you. just go with a positive vibe. at least even if things don't work out, you know you've done your best on your part. no regrets.

    btw, i totally love your new blog layout. the font is so clear and so much nicer to read :)

  2. here's a virtual hug (i'm not really sure how it's supposed to work too) for updating everyday these days. and all the best with the experiment. share with us what you write in the profile.

  3. you'll never know unless you try so like what juan said, do it with an open mind.

    for the record, a friend of mine met her wonderful hubby via one of these online date match thingy (after going thru few dates with not so nice blokes - i have to be honest) so good luck babe!

  4. Juan and DB,

    Haha... I'll definitely try to open my mind. You know what's strange though? I practice Yoga, I am supposed to know how to open my mind better than anyone.


    uh.. ok.. virtual hug to you too... well I am just doing this because I was trying to stay awake! ok

  5. spammers are so irritating.

    Anyway, go with an open mind but have your reservations. I tried speed dating once and that was interesting. I basically said YES to everyone chick I met there and all but one said YES as well. That was hilarious! Setting up meetings for all the gals was a nightmare