Saturday, June 19, 2010

Updating in bed... of Olios, medicinal plasters and other stuff.

I am now having breakfast in bed. A breakfast that unfortunately, prepared by myself. :P

I have had a fairly tough time at work. Attendance problem and a couple of things I have to again do.

But hey, people come and people go.

I remarked in FB that I had the worst Olio pasta in Marche.

For the record, I like eating in Marche. The stuff are fresh and it's made to order. The lunch sets are at RM 14 ish served with soup and a drink. It's convenient!

I had the Olio pasta set which was the lunch of the day.

It was served with yummy Clam chowder and Watermelon juice.

I had no complaints about the clam chowder. It was creamy and cooked just the way it should be cooked. Although I wished the pieces of clams were chunkier. :P.

The Olio however... what a disappointment!

It was the first Olio that I had which was cooked with onions. I know how to cook Olio, Olio never used onion. The basic ingredients for it had always been garlic.

But no... the cook just had to use onions. maybe because their onion stock is too much and they have a quota to finish it? I don't know.

If you look at the picture closely, you can see the gigantic pieces of onions in the pasta. I think there were more onions than there were penne in the plate!

It was cooked with three giant prawns, which I am not so thrilled with because I am not a seafood fan. I looked at the board, it was supposed to be with chicken.

I was confused. So confused that I just walked away with my tray.

I was quite satisfied with my clam chowder... I loved it. However, I forced myself to eat the Olio because of the fact that I was hungry as hell after my work out and also because I need to eat because of my workout regiment.

Oh well... I thought. Damage is done. What can I expect with 14 bucks anyway?

Due to my now vigorous (Well, I don't personally think it is as vigorous as I would like it to be) gym regiment, my knees recently gave way to an injury.

I have a weak right knee and a weak left ankle (what a combination eh?) and I planned to buy knee and ankle guards soon. I am a fan of koyoks (Medicinal plasters) now.


It really did work. And it's always fun to pull out. It served as a quick wax treatment (Hahaha) although I don't have hairs to worry about.

My friends envy my lack of hair. I just don't have much body hair to worry about. I was horrified when I found out some women have tiny hair growing on their chin. Thick ones, curly ones. O_o'.

Because I am on a strict workout regiment, I don't eat the way I used to eat.

Which was pretty much everything on any given day.

So, once a week, I buy myself a treat.

I have a weakness for cheese cakes, any type of cheese cakes, although I don't really fancy sweet stuff that much.

So yesterday, during an outing with BFF, I had a triple decker cheese cake with Oreo toppings at Coffee Bean!

The only thing I love in CB is their Moroccan Mint Tea Latte. So that paired with that one sinful piece of cake... my Saturday was complete. (All the bitching made it complete also... -_-')

Me and Krishna savoring the tasty, creamy mother of a cheese cake!

And yes, what do we do aside from eating sinful confections and bitching? We camwhore of course :

And as a bonus, this little boy, whose name is Fariq (The mother was calling this cheeky one from the other table) was freaking Krishna out with his balloon. Krishna is a bit globophobic.

We try to make our weekends interesting. We want to make ourselves happy. If we don't, then what could life be about? :)

Have a great Sunday Peeps!


  1. He's well shaven. LOL

    Anyway, those medicinal plasters don't work too long after your body acclimatises to it.

  2. Izso : :).. sorry babe, due to some unforeseen circumstances, that statement had to be revoked. there is a change in... umm... life event... Heheee...

    on the med plasters, well, it works on easing the pain a bit for me, it will still be sore and still need to go for acupuncture and massage (which I hate!) to properly treat it.

  3. Cool pics :) You look great, I love the sunnies.

  4. Sarcy - Life events? Hmm.. Ok.

    Regarding the acupuncture, you believe in that? Wow.. that's rare. I believe in accupressure. Puncture not really - mainly because it hurts. LOL Try physiotherapy la