Sunday, June 13, 2010

We go 'Crub-bing'

The Shoes

The dress

The 'crub'-er mate

The 'crub'

The crowd and bartender(s)

'Crub' grub

Our poison--> Kahlua and Long Island Tea.

Intoxicated pic #1

Intoxicated pic #2

Okay... I bet you guys are going HUH????? now innit?

Well it all started when I came into the office on Friday night wearing a halter long maxi dress : 

This one...

One of the staff went : 

"Wah... bet at midnight Sarc's gonna turn off the lights and turn on the music."

Me : "Huh?"

"Yeah... you look like you are set to party in the club."

Krishna actually stood up and said : 

"People don't club in THAT!!"

Another guy said the same thing, that I look like I wanted to go out clubbing, when I had on a long dress! Sure it's halter neck, but bear in mind, I put on a cardigan after some time because I am in the office. 

I am just baffled and is wondering whether anyone actually go clubbing in a long maxi dress before. I have NEVER seen anyone doing that before. 

My idea of a clubbing attire? Short dress, killer heels, killer make up ... AND BLING ya'll. 

Just because it's a tube dress... doesn't mean it's made for 'crubbing' okay?

And I don't club often. I have done all the 'crub-ing' one can do in a life time. The last time I went clubbing? This was what I wore : 

Painful heels and a decent non - slutty dress. (I can go sluttier but I have done all that 10 years ago.) 

And of course... proper 'crubbing' bling and make-up : 

And people don't do this in 'crubs' too : 


  1. LOL

    Don't over pump up in size, muscle is as hard to lose as fat.

  2. izso,

    I have a target body in sight... ;)... the problem is... I love free weights too much to stop.