Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Look to the future, take care of the present, and let go of the past

I have learnt first hand that alcohol and nicotine poison your frame of mind.

Sure, it gave you an awesome feeling at first. That feeling of losing control over everything. Temporary subliminal rush.

After that, came the hangovers, the puking and the stomach discomfort, plus, the smelly hair, fingers, breath and every other part that you call your body.

Plus all the money wasted just so you can have a bit of that temporary bliss.

And then there were men.

Men lulled women into a false sense of security. I guess that's what falling in love is all about.

At least to me.

Hence the term... FALLING in love.

But men are just one of the things you can't live without, but can't bear to live with. (Cliched but true.)

Oh well... I am sleepy... very sleepy... had 3 hours of sleep yesterday. I am seeing stars... oh wait... those are spots....


  1. Us men say the same thing about women. LOL

    Btw your blog does something funky. It shows up like a window pane showing some rain and then suddenly poof your film-y wall paper comes up. I liked the rain background better.

  2. i saw the rain background too!

    beb, get out from the rut! been there too long!

  3. haha, u got a nasty spam up here.

    anyways, I agree with you, about the booze of course.

    oh, love the rain drops on glass pane background too, hate when it disappears.

  4. izso; I changed a bit of the layout.. dunno why that is happening. ;|

    Jade : yelah yelah... what rut... my personal opinion only.

    Gus; spam deleted.:).. will figure out how to not make the rain thingie disappear.