Friday, June 11, 2010

I want to go to beautiful...

I fell in love with India Arie's beautiful style of music when she debuted with her awesome Grammy nominated album, 'Acoustic Soul'.

Around the same time, a lot of things were happening all at once. I took solace in her music.

She has a voice that can soothe frazzled nerves. My favorite song on the album was (And still is ) Beautiful.

This verse hits me like a rock :

'Please understand, that it's not that I don't care..'
'But right now these walls closing in on me...'
'I love you more than I love life itself...'
'But I need to find a place where I can breathe...'

Sometimes I just want to get away, run away to somewhere where noone knows me, noone questions me, because I just want to be on my own. To breathe life in as God intended it to be.

My family especially always thought that when I don't call them (For the record, I am not exactly a family kind of person. Instead, I am a very private person. Shows of affection in our family had been very limited. Even saying 'I love you' to my family members is strenous... it is just something that's not done.) that I don't care.

That said, it's not in my nature to call and ask how are they doing and stuff. I know they are fine (They are on FB) and I am just bad at asking stuff that I know the answers to; ie ... Q : So how are things? -- A : Fine; Q : When are you coming back? -- A : End of the month...

And stuff.

It makes me feel awkward, in a strange way.

Most of the time I am busy, but sometimes, I just want to be alone. For real.

But seriously, this song is a song I must have on my Yoga playlist. I don't go well with the typical humdrum of oriental instrumental shit, it gives me a negative vibe. I will just keep on cursing under my breath while trying the 'trying' yoga positions because it sounded corny as hell.

For updates on my prep for the run in July, you guys can head on to the 'Mari Kita Bersenam' link I have on the sidebar (Yes... I still don't have any clue how to put links here.)

This blog will be (hopefully) concentrating on my quest to have a real vacation. Something that's going to intrigue more than just the typical things I have always done on vacations.

I am going back to my rough and tumble nature. Dirt, hiking, surviving with limited pairs of underwear and sleeping under the stars in a sleeping bag surrounded by sulphur (I HATE SNAKES!), covered in insect repellant from head to toe.

Anyway... Have a great weekend everyone! The next update would be very soon. (I think.;))


  1. Undies.. wear 'em inside and out! HAHAHAHAHA!

    Don't forget a floor mat and sleeping bag. Makes the floor less bumpy and easier to sleep

  2. Izso : Yeap... I have to buy ugly disposable ones.. ;P