Monday, July 5, 2010

Depressant le tresses and my personal opinion on plastic bags ....

This was the shortest haircut I had :

This was back in 2006/2007... I think?

Never realized that this made my face rounder than it was.

Ah well, who am I kidding, I was 'round'.

Eversince then, I have always kept my long hair.

Now, being that I am easily bored, I want a fresh new look... I would love to have this hairstyle :

But unfortunately, my round shaped face is not fit for it. 

I love that tousled, grungy look, and plus... it's short. maintaining my hair right now is kind of... expensive. 

So... Ideas?? Anyone?


Izso, my blogger buddy wrote something about the myths of plastic bags.

If you know me well enough, you would know that I am not a plastic bags fan.

As a matter of fact, I am not a fan of anything else that contributes to the possible degradation of our environment.

I was not  an environmentally conscious person. Until I have started to see the big picture.

Now, I declined the offer to install an AC unit because I believe despite those claims saying that there are new technologies that can decrease the effect to the ozone layer, it pays to just be a little bit skeptical.

One should not have more than 12 hours of AC time. I am already frozen everyday in my office, and to do that in my bedroom would be stupidity.

As far as plastic bags are concerned, I never liked using it.

I think, anyone who buys less than two items can just go and carry those two things home. I don't care if it's spinach they are buying. Using a plastic bag for one item is just one of those stupid human behaviors that do not work for me. I am known as this lady who would carry two cartons of milk and a loaf of bread with my bare hands whenever I forget to bring my enviro bag.

I also intend to eat more vegetables and less meat, to reduce my carbon footprint. Of course, we can do that if we manage to educate Malaysian farmers to start rearing their livestock the environmentally friendly way, but I don't see that happening anytime soon, unfortunately.

At the same time, I don't have enough cash to buy meat that claimed all their livestocks were reared the way that it should be.

Which is... bullshit... pardon the pun... sucks for me because I LOVE red meat!

So even though I think that what was presented by my blogger buddy make sense, I still don't think that everyone should stop following the inadequate 'No Plastic Bags On Saturdays' rule. It's less harmful than bio-degradable paper bags, but still... the operative word here being----> less 'HARMFUL'.

Harmful... nevertheless.

Invest in a good shopping bag made to last. Reduce your carbon footprint. Even the smallest act counts.

Really... if you think it's unMalaysian of you to do that... (Malaysians usually are not able to understand this whole thing about taking care of the environment. Case in point--->My Dad who used to enjoy burning his trash in the backyard<---.... at least... be human to do something for the earth.

We are not exactly one of the lucky rich bastards who would have the money to move to another planet should earth changes to a wasteland. Why not take care of our planet when we can.

Hey... just an opinion. ;)... Take it or spit it.

It's your planet too.


  1. Agree with u on the plastic bag. Nowadays I always carry the reusable shopping bag in my handbag. But the part abt no aircond at home tu a bit dfficult. hehehe..slowly la kan?

  2. Actually, I think the best hairdo is the one that requires the least maintenance. Wake up, stylo a bit, go out. Not those that takes hours to do up.

    And regarding the bag, didn't you read everything in my post? It's the manufacturing of these enviro bags that's killing the environment, not the actual bag itself.

    More importantly though, the Ozone layer is actually healing itself. The thing about that is that it's healing too quickly to the extent that ozone is in the lower atmosphere. So we'll end up killing ourselves with toxic ozone and whatever else we're throwing into the air.

  3. CG : Yes... one step at a time!

    Izso : oh babe... of course i read your whole entry but I beg to differ .

    my 'enviro' bag is not the flakey supermarket type. =)... mine is something that is tough (Carries up to 25 KGs), cute... and it rolls conveniently in my purse. I have two stashed in my handbag... one for groceries and one for clothes... I don't carry RM 5 so called recyclable shopping bags... =)... and those of us who do have one rarely throw away something that costs almost 30 bucks. that said, when we keep it instead of replacing it daily, production stays at a minimal and create balance.

    Sure plastic bags are less harmful in terms of production... but have you ever been to any Malaysian beaches lately (OR any beaches actually)... in Malaysia, it is normal for a pink plastic bag to float in the sea... how many Malaysians can be responsible with plastic bags anyway? ;)

    I may not be able to afford a hybrid (YET!), but I am able to do at least something for my planet. I am a skeptic and rarely believe anything I read ... I figured, a myth buster can be a myth itself... hey.. who knows! =)

  4. Sarcy - I read your comment and all too. But to manufacture that RM30 bag of yours caused more harm to the environment than it did to produce a plastic bag. So yes it's resuable but factories don't just stop to make 100 bags for 100 people, they'll keep on making them just as plastic bags will continue to be made. So in the end the enviro bag loses.

    Plastic bags in the sea and all, yes. But it would be the same for enviro bags if it were flooded in the market now. It's just a matter of cleaning up and educating people to stop littering. They've done it in Singapore, they aren't doing it all out here in KL.

    Ah.. the fantastic hybrid. The so-called green car. Batteries made require toxic levels of mercury, which has by products which is treated as waste. The battery is shipped by cargo vessel which is as enviro friendly as a minibus with a exhaust problem. Then it's assembled together with the car in Japan (I'm talking Prius here) which then has the car shipped to countries around the world. It's already been proven - to manufacture a single hybrid is more damaging to the environment that it is to have 10 petrol cars on the road for a whole year.

    Then there's the battery recycling and charging (using electricity which uses coal generators in M'sia).

    Don't even get me started with that!

  5. izso,

    you can start. No problem.

    Again, a myth buster can be a myth. I am just doing my bit.

    Singaporeans educated about the environment? they are only educated in their own country. they flee across the border to litter on our shores.

    i have seen this with my own eyes.

    they are only educated on their fine system.

    I still think everyone should stop using plastic bags. start using reusable ones, whether it is enviro or not. nobody made an effort.

    in the end it's demand vs supply... this is a theory that never gone out of style.

  6. Well, you think if they implemented heavy fines and enforced it here in M'sia then the pollution would get better? I should think so! If you can't get people to cooperate threaten them. LOL

    You're still not getting the point.

    If everyone stopped using plastic bags and started using enviro bags (reusable), the environment would be worse off! Like I said - the manufacturing of the bag is more toxic than making plastic bags.

    How's that gonna help the environment?

  7. I get it.

    Aaaaaand at what point do you think everyone will start using threats as a way of life?

    I have a problem with living my life the Singaporean way. a bigger problem at the prospect of being turn into one.O_O (Me and Singaporeans-- No-no)

    Okay. Use plastic bags, we have two problems --->> manufacturing related(IT IS still a problem, no matter how 'more harmless' it is) and the improper disposal of it.

    Don't use plastic bags, Use any other shopping bags, (not necessarily my 'more toxic' types),

    We have ONE problem.

    well.... I think I will have to vote one less a million other environment bashing stuff in the world.