Monday, July 26, 2010

I am just going to chill this week... I think

Oh yes.. my short term one week resolution for this week since this is going to be the first long off from work I am going to have for this year. (Second one is going to be for Raya in September.)

Well.. actually, I would regard this as my work from home period also... today I would still be online checking  /replying to emails and do my last few call evals that I am due with.

Tomorrow, I am going to replace my third brake lights at the workshop (Together with Krishna and another friend, maybe), send my car for a wash and get ready to drive to JB.

My youngest brother is getting solemnized this Friday. It will be in a mosque so I am still stumped as to which baju kurung Johor am I going to wear since my old ones look like tents now.

And I will also be wearing a veil.. pretty cool to freak people out with that.. Hahahaha....

Hopefully, next year, my vacation plans with Krishna is going to be realized.

Our friends are asking us along on a trip to Osaka, Japan, which I am still contemplating... and then the Bali trip... I have been wanting to wear my bikinis since last year.. it never happened because of work.. hopefully I will be able to take my vacations as planned next year.. :(

Hopefully.. really I can actually do this...

I can pack my vacation stuff in peace.... like the cat in the picture.. Wahahahaha...

Busy week for me this one.. and I thought it is going to be a peaceful one... ;P

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  1. You and rest usually don't stay in the same sentance :P

    3rd brake light? Don't get ripped off with that. No more than RM5 ok? The bulb is only RM2.50 and is quite simple to change.