Sunday, July 18, 2010

On friendship and changes...

I once had a friend.

Well... he was not really a close friend but we meet up whenever we want to.

And then something happened.

And we are no longer friends... well we still meet and talk... but it's different.

And I miss those days when he would just call to say hi or to share some excellently lame jokes he heard from his friends.

Now the agenda is different... and I can't turn it back.

Krishna told me that I still have other close friends to rely on.

"Yeah... but I still miss those days anyway..."

Krishna also told me that people make mistakes... if not... then how the hell are we suppose to grow?

Yes... People make mistakes... learn from it... and move on.

Unfortunately, the regret lingers on.

Time to put on a smile and 'put myself out there'.


  1. Adverts!! Ack!! No!! You have given in to the mass media!! Noooo!!

    Friends come and go. But only those who completely understand and get you stick with you regardless. I've got a few of those type of friends. God knows how they tolerate me but I'm grateful

  2. hehe... better make some money while at it I guess... hahahaha...

    Exactly... I don't know how my best friends tolerate me too.. 0_o