Monday, July 12, 2010

Itching for a change.... in everything

Every once in a while I go through a phase where changes are all I seek.

I hate being on a plateau. This is I think, one of the reasons why I have not been in a relationship in a very long time.

Count it... almost 3 years, no relationship... Nada!

I tried. I saw... and I backed out.

And I feel like a fucking hypocrite whenever I thought to myself that I want a boyfriend.

Because seriously... I don't have the strength nor the patience to.

My vibe doesn't say that about me too. I can sit or go anywhere on my own without being hit on.

I do however check cute guys out and tell my gay bff to act more 'gay' so that we don't look like we are 'together'.

Like that honest to God cute black guy at Bangsar Village Coffee Bean.

I look at 'em, but never came close to wanting to know them.

Reason : Extreme laziness.

Maybe I should get someone to do this to me. Shake me vigorously and scream "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT, WOMAN?!!!!"

And also, the fact that most people who are in relationships always seemed to be in eternal misery puts me off too. 

Having someone is supposed to make people happier and not go to anger management therapies, no?

I don't know if it's related to any of this 'wanting changes' shit, but I was down with flu, Laryngitis, fever and migraine for the past several days. 

I tried to keep myself occupied, not eating anything spicy and down gallons of water over the weekends. 

At Midvalley last Saturday, bitching over tea and divine desserts

After getting a cheap RM 18 manicure at the Maybank Treats Fair upstairs. Bitching slightly with my Bestie and his sister.

On Sunday, I was feeling a bit better so I went to the gym and had the best workout in a long time since last week. 

After meeting up with Jade and hubs after gym, zoomed off to pick my bestie up and went to Bangsar for my weekly banana rice meal. 

There was a World Cup street party going on and unlike other Sundays, the area was quite happening. 

Balloons- Spain and Netherlands

I didn't have any idea what they are doing but the balloon was pulled down for a while

My dress. I felt gurly... and flowery...

Once upon a time there was this 'nigga' wannabe who seemed to have this thing about calling every other menfolk 'bro' and coming up with stupid made up stories. 

Like how he own a Porsch Cayenne and having to take LRT and walk from KJ station to the office because he wants to be 'normal'. 

Like how he receive 5 grand allowance every month but then still not able to pay 18 bucks for the beers he took during one of our outings because he had 'limited' cash.


I have an Audi TT (I think... this is a TT.. no? See, I have too much cash that I can't even bothered to check what model of expensive cars I bought.)

And my bestie drive it around for fun because I couldn't be bothered with steering it. 

I figured, if I get an allowance of 5 Gs every month, I wouldn't WANT to work. Even if I do, I wouldn't tell every single person around me that I am doing it because I want to be like ... normal.

Found out that he worked as a valet at Bangsar Village once. That's about the closest he had been to owning a Porsche.

BS la. 

By this morning, I was hit yet again with a bad flu, phlegmy cough and terrible headache. 

Complained about a certain recent development in my insignificant life to an ex, took an extra strong flu meds and went to sleep. 

One of my staff called to say that she couldn't make it to work because her best friend who's been battling cancer passed away in the morning and she had to attend her 'Tahlil'. 

It dawned to me that I was not  good manager when I said ok and didn't actually say that I was sorry to hear that. 

But then again, I was high with kilos of meds and I do not have the decency to do / say anything worth remembering. 

This is 'High Strength' meds Bloody hell!!

Enough bitching... Time to hit the office. ;)


  1. 5K a month and wants to be normal? He needs to meet my friends from school. 5K is chump change to them and they are very normal except for the cars they drive and who they are. Porsche Cayanne? Pffft. What a stupid car. That's only good for scaring off the general public.

    Anyway, there's gotta be a reason why you're always sick. Don't you take multivits and all that?

  2. I love 'Like that honest to God cute black guy at Bangsar Village Coffee Bean', God knows how many times I tell that to myself while teaching a class full of cute sweaty men, LOL!

    Having said 'I love you' to someone you never met (maybe we should meet up before I leave for good) is a big thing! My limited words can't express how you made my day :)

    I love you too! Hope you are feeling better, drink lotsa water and just take time to rest. Feeling sick once in a while is good, it humbles us & reminds us that we are humans - and ALIVE!


  3. izso; Dunno la... as long as this dude is happy and I am not too irritated.

    I got my flu shot, and we have a sneaky feeling its the damn AC. I am avoiding the office if I am still having the sniffles... it aggravates my about to be better flu and make it worse again.

    Should start taking chicken essence and cod liver oil thingie again...

    Ninie, Hi babe.. Yes I am feeling better, but still banned from the office because I still have a bit of the sniffles. Might only be able to go to office on Friday... hahaha.. until then... I work from home... :P...

    I am glad I made your day.. and we really should meet up before you go... at least for a while... and for a weird reason, we should thank Piah because we started emailing because of that blog.. wahahahaha