Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time for a pet?

According to a study, pets are known to make you feel calmer.

They de-stress your stressful lives.

Somehow, dealing with their hygiene habits, telling them to get OFF your bed and to sleep outside gives you lesser chance of getting high blood pressure / heart attack.

Joyce got us a pet last year when we were still living on the 13th floor.

Arwah Buttons

This hyperactive feline who constantly was fascinated with our moving feet was kicked a lot, not on purpose that is. He was the victim of reflex action coming from all three of us. 

Extremely friendly, extremely crazy, extremely smart, extremely lovable. 

And one fine night, when the skies were lit with recreational explosive, he got scared, he got suicidal, and he (I hope) accidentally fell from the kitchen's window down 13 floors.

Which we forgot to close before leaving for the office. 

*sob sob*... There  will never be another cat as memorable and one who crapped as much as Buttons. 



  1. Cats have amazing ways of surviving. Did you find the carcass? If not she most likely survived the fall

  2. Izso,

    The janitor found the carcass. It's hard to be wrong about Buttons. He is white... :(