Friday, May 21, 2010

2010 / 2011 travel plans

I have a resolution to be completed by the end of 2011 (Kalau panjang umur).

I want to finish this list :

1) Langkawi
2) Club Med Cherating
3) Perhentian
4) Penang
5) Kelantan
6) Sabah
7) Sarawak
8) Sipadan Islands
9) Mataking Islands

I want to explore my own backyard before I can say that I went to other places in the world. If you are in my FB, you would know how seriously ticked off I can be at locals who said things like; 'Owh I have goWne to LonDan... I had an eeencreedibal toime!!! Not loikeee Muhlayyyy-Sherrrr' -- Oh yes... been in the UK for a month and they come back speaking in bloody cockney!

I think Malaysia is underrated by her own people. Somehow, her people get blinded by the political stupidity and people who don't matter. 

Yes Malaysia is a she... I hope she would stop all the hapless pricks ruling her soil (and spoiling her!)

Malaysians boasts too much on having gone to other places out of Malaysia, even Singapore! A fact which is rather.... moronic. I go to fucking Singapore when I have nothing to do and when I want to torture myself with Singaporean bad attitude. 

Rarely happened. I would rather take the drive down to Malacca than to plastic Singapore. 

Malaysians overlooked the fact that we have beautiful beaches, somewhat friendly people and great food!!

So this could be me... in months to come...

With slightly more tanned skin

With better hair and sans the jeans plus I would have a mini notebook (Imagine having to lug a laptop on top of the load that I would have in my backpack.. oih)


  1. where's mataking?
    i love redang. i think even the much talked about beach / island in a neighboring country can't beat redang. club med is awesome ! like a school camp (with booze. if you love booze). never been to sarawak or kelantan or sipadan.
    my dream though -- if i can invent a product and sell it for a million in this lifetime -- is a roadtrip crossing the US. not patriotic? yes? damn! not that i don't love my country. i just love to see things that are different from ours.
    i hope you'll reach your goals !

  2. Mataking is in Tawau, Sabah. Hihi...

    Booze? OF COURSE I LOVE BOOZE. Hahahaha... but, I have recently (About a year ago, when I finally believed that I have it) developed an allergy reaction to hard liquor. Beer I am still ok with. See... I think God thinks I am loving booze a liitttle bit tooo much, so He decided, I am going to give you allergy... -->I guess he does kind of cared anyway eh?