Sunday, May 2, 2010

God... it's a Monday... :P

Today is Monday.

My off day is officially over. Have a lot more to take to clear off my annual leaves from last year but at least I managed to clear off three days off the calendar.

With much difficulties to keep myself away from work that is. I had to take a long drive at 11 pm just to avoid going back to the office. Yeap... it's not healthy.

But I had heaps of fun. I got to prance around at the museum, sleep, KLCC window shopping and the works. I don't buy stuff. I am trying to save for my real vacation sometime in June or July before Puasa. Hopefully, to somewhere with a beach where it will give me excuses to sunbathe in the sun with my bikinis on. Or by the swimming pool is good enough.

Hanging out with good friends is the best, takes my mind off things, work and personal.

Have a good Monday everyone!


  1. saja tunjuk 'my-shoulder-is-from-my-workout' ok....

  2. Hahahahahaha... Tau takpe... Kakakakaka