Sunday, May 9, 2010

Things that I was thinking about when I was out today.

-When you ordered Potato wedges for one and they present it to you with another extra plate. Talk about redundancy?

-Arab men wearing bermudas that reveals their 'Aurat' dragging their wives who had to be covered in black hijabs, looking like 'momoks' in broad daylight. What gives?

-The waiters at Dome who looked as though the weight of the world was placed on their shoulders. If serving us customers are so frikkin' hard, WHY put in your application?

-Everyone was bringing their mothers out today. Just because it's Mother's Day? Really??? So tak ikhlas la ni? Jeez.

-Yoga books are too expensive. For RM 100 a pop? I might as well buy Maya Angelou's whole collection that would only set me back at least 200 over RM.

-Young girls carrying Versace paper bags. Ok... I get it, your parents are rich... but I really wanted to ask their parents this, is it necessary??? Really? To spoil your kids with stuff normal people would only get the chance to buy when they make their own  cash?

-Baggy Yoga pants in public.... the ones that I wouldn't personally be caught dead in... seriously?

-Malays talking to their waiters in English with an accent... Seriously. I have a frikkin' accent I can't get rid off and I speak in Malay to anyone whose muka is like Malays k?

-I was actually commenting on myself when I was thinking of the above. Why can't I just leave it alone. It's ok I suppose as long as they speak with proper grammar????

-I started to think that the whole population of attractive men are now GAY.

-Goes the same with unattractive ones.

-Where in KL can I find beef bacon!?


  1. I'm gonna respond to some of what you've posted cuz I wanted to. Heh.

    - That really depends. If you've ever worked as a waiter then you'll know how much of a bitch it is to serve M'sians. They're all asses! No one ever says thanks anymore and expect the world of service from you.

    - Mothers day and whatever day is overrated. We should only ever really celebrate birthdays.

    - Yoga books? It's impossible to learn yoga via books la. Get the DVD and a large LCD screen. More effective.

    - Versace paper bags? Sometimes it's not so much about the bags, it's what I am carrying around with it. I mean, I can walk around with a big isetan bag that's holding my lunch that got really messed up cuz I was flinging the bag around. That wouldn't be a pretty site, at least with the Versace it'll look less erm.. gross. XD

    - Baggy yoga pants? I say why not! Especially if it's white :)~~~

    - Accents. Hmm.. this is a tough one. I speak with an accent cuz I can't speak Malay properly and was raised overseas. Like you said I guess, if it's not overly fake and has proper grammar there's no real biggie. Unless dey speek liddis hor then got slang slang engrund den got ploblem la.

    - Attractive men... erm.. the thing is once you've convinced yourself about something, it's most likely gonna stick for a long time. So why not just throw caution to the wind and 'try' everything. You might land a good catch.

    - Beef bacon? If you weren't muslim I'd say screw the fakes, go for the original!

  2. Hahaha....

    -On waiters; I did work as a waiter before! and my stint was at Dome, KLCC!!! Back then, service was a priority, we check on customers every so often, we say hi, we smile, we make sure we bring the menus before the customer asked... All that... Dunno what changed!!!

    I was like a mad woman in my seat, waiting for my menu, that took about 4 mins, and then I had to wait for someone to take my order, that took another 4 minutes... and then I had to wait for my food for like 10-15 mins. Wtf??

    -On Mother's day; exactly my thought. I bring my mum out whenever I am back in JB... can't see the point.

    -on Yoga pants. Ummm... no?

    -Accents; I have a lot of friends who were raised overseas. They actually felt embarrassed by their lingo and would try to speak English the Malaysian way as much as possible. We only speak in accents when the rest of us accented babies get together.

    -I was looking for a book on Ashtanga Yoga concept, not a guide on how to do it.. Hehehehehe.... I attend yoga classes so that's waaay better than DVDs.

    -Attractive men; Oh well... I like looking at them... not as much as i like looking at pretty women but yeah... I like looking at attractive men and wondering how their boyfriends look like.

    -Bacon; If I am not Muslim, I'd say the same too. But I am so... always looking for alternatives. ;)

  3. "..It's ok I suppose as long as they speak with proper grammar????"

    Assuming proper grammar is important to you it is rather puzzling that almost all your posts that I've read contain glaring grammatical errors.

  4. Au Contraire,

    assuming you have been bursting bubbles since 1986, you can do better than this?

  5. There's a huge difference between speaking with a slang with bad grammar and writing a blog that has no twang or twist to it.

    I don't see the problem with writing bloken engrund.