Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I got an award

From Juan. 

I have known this lady for years and I found her through her blog. 

I was supposed to tag 12 bloggers, but I decided not to as I don't know many of the bloggers who are actively blogging anymore. 

Thanks Juan, for at least thinking that I provide some warmth and cheerful atmosphere in this blogworld. Hehe... 


  1. hey that's quick!! thanks babe for accepting the award :)

    ya, i don't think i know that many bloggers if i hadn't join mombloggersplanet.com.

  2. yup yup...

    you are very welcome. :)

  3. Joy and cheer? Have you seen your blog colours lately? XD

  4. i still read yours and Juan's so don't stop kay ;-)