Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Award!!!

I have known Jade for maybe 3-4 years. However, I have only recently got to know her better since I moved to KL.

I have been in KL for two years now. My friendship with Jade grew and we are now close friends, she is that that one person I would usually consult (You know what I mean right babe?) on very VERY personal stuff.

That's how much I trust her. And it's amazing that we got to know each other through one particular incompetent bit... I mean... person.

Anyway, she has awarded me this, which I will now accept graciously :

This award comes with a bunch of rules.

The Rules are as follows:
Step 1. Accept the award and put it on your sidebar.
Step 2. Describe 7 things people do not know about you.
Step 3. Award the Award to 7 other Beautiful Bloggers and describe why they deserve the award. 

Well, most of the stuff that people don't know about me are rather... Umm... controversial? Haha... But let me just list out the 'tame' ones. ;)

1) I don't like sweet stuff. I don't eat chocolates and my drinks are always 'kurang manis'(Less sweet). I  never asked for dessert and I couldn't care less about it. :) (Except for those 'rare' occasion when I would actually eat a cheesecake or an egg tart... once in a very blue moon...)

2) The last time a dentist pulled out a tooth was when I was 9. I never had fillings, I never had cavities. 

3) I have an obsession with tube dresses. I would buy lots of tube dresses, sometimes the same ones, in different colors. 

4) I am an unknowing adrenaline junkie. I love the rush when I am running, doing circuit and weight trainings. Although I do look as if I would die doing all that. Heh!

5) I can cook. I cook pretty nice stuff. And I have been cooking since I was 9. ;)

6) In person, I have a dry sense of humor. This was never planned... and I didn't even know that my brand of humor was dry. I thought it was just the corky corny kind. 

7) I seek solace in Music. Whenever I feel depressed, sad or unwanted, I turned to my vast collection of MP3s and CDs and turn up the likes of Jill Scott, Amel Larrieux, Sade and Erykah Badu for words or encouragement. 

Okaaay.... done!!!

As for the tagging.. hmmm... I can only think of 3 bloggers who deserves this award, although I don't know if they are actually going to do it. However, I think she is worth mentioned here : 

1) Darlene the Home Office Goddess - I have never met her but she rocks in my books, albeith anonymously. :)

2) Izso - I think this dude is one of the most interesting blogger I know, despite him telling people that he is not. :)

3) Juan the beskotkeras - She gave me an award... And she rocks my world too. ;)

No pressure babes! 


  1. thank you!
    (will be grinning all day.)

  2. oh wow... erm.. thanks. Ok. Coming up with a post.