Sunday, May 23, 2010

On Sundays I...

Cook... Yes... I cook...

And this is what I decided to cook today :

Asam Pedas Johor.


- 1 red onion
- 2 cloves garlic
- 1 1/2 tbsp ground chilli (Cili Boh la orang Muh-Lay-Sherr panggil)
- 1 to 2 tbsp cooking oil (I use extra virgin olive oil in mine, so I don't have to really freak out on extra calories la.)
- 1 small bowl of tamarind juice (Can also substitute with dried tamarind)
- 1/2 tsp turmeric powder (May also use fresh turmeric, less than 1/2 inch of that. Don't want it to be too yellow.. or else might as well cook curry or Lemak cili padi kan?)
- 1 piece of chicken (I used keel. Can use any part, suited to own preference)
- Belacan (I use belacan powder which you can buy at supermarkets for less than RM 1, if you are still using the conventional ones that comes in big pieces... I guess about an inch or two will do. Just remember... NOT TOO MUCH.)

Now this is a recipe for one serving.  Read: Very very little.

- With mortar and pestle, crush the red onion and garlic.
- Add in the ground chilli, turmeric powder and belacan (You can stop crushing it now.. hehe)
- Heat cooking oil in pot.
- Saute the mixture for about 2 minutes. Keep on stirring so that it won't burn (I would like to say until the 'minyak naik' but I don't know how to put that in English... :P)
- Put in the chicken pieces and stir it in with the mixture.
(Warning: because of the chilli, if you are not used to it, at this point, there might be a possibility of coughing and sputtering and teary eyes while slaving in front of the stove)
- Pour in the tamarind juice (If you are using dried tamarinds, pour in water and then throw in the dried tamarinds.)
-Give it 5 mins to simmer before serving.

*Serve with bread (Baguette's the best, but I any bread would do really) or steamed rice (If you are not like me... THIS would be the best option.)
** I would suggest for better taste, add in daun kesum (Vietnamese mint). It smells nicer tooo! :)

Bon Appetit!!!


  1. Minyak naik = oil starts to surface?
    hehehe... Wajib cuba recipe ini.

  2. DNAS: A'ah... tu yang I nak letak jugak...but macam lain macam itu bunyi... Hahahaha