Monday, May 10, 2010

Once upon a time ago

I am writing two posts in a row because I am trying to get out of this funk and I am waiting for a template from a colleague for me to do final amendments on before sending it out.

Today was a quiet day.

Well, I was quiet, for one.

I was practicing on being dense, like 98% of the male population. I was trying to also at the same time, trying to 'absorb' 'bimboism' into my aura.

I know squat about auras. I was told by know-it-alls who correct other people's grammars and stuff that it is a 'thing that floats around your head'.

Not too sure how the 'thing' looks like. I guess some people's auras might have association with... their gas?

Or maybe I am wrong because gas don't 'float' around peoples' heads. Unless, the gas emission happened at head level.

Anyway, I think I am 50% there. My density should have almost reached the average of an adult male's. My 'bimboism' should be at maybe 30% of that an American trust fund 17 year old baby (sadly, I am not able to also absorb some of the 'trust fund' monies for myself).

My shoulders feel lighter already. I can see a whole new world opening up for me.


  1. Man... I dunno how to reply to this.. LOL

  2. i just tagged you. no obligation... saja suka2 hehe...