Tuesday, May 18, 2010

'Cuti-cuti Malaysia'-Part 1

Monday was the beginning of my so called break.

I HAD to apply for leave because my accumulated annual PTOs are UNbelievable.

If you think mine is ridiculous, two of my management team colleagues' are outrageously absurd. Respectively they have a combined 3 months worth of leave.

But that's my headache to start urging them to plan and to also plan for them.

And, guess what happened on Monday?

I was doing my push ups in the gym when I realized that I was supposed to not come in for work that night.

*Sheepish idiot*..:P

I have been on a photo taking spree since the last two weekends. So because I am going to be on PTO for three days, I figured... what the hell... let's just start something out of fun.

Of course on Monday, I wasn't aware I was supposed to be on leave until maybe about 3 pm... so that one went down the drain.

But, I did all the things I would usually do on Monday, plus a couple of unplanned things after I remembered that I am supposed to be on PTO.

Breakfast; Mushroom and Basil Omelette

Before going to the gym. Come on, gym's filled with gay guys. Who wears make up just to sweat it out!

After shower. A bit bummed that the steam room was still under repair. 

My gym.. :P

My very late lunch. (This was taken at 5-ish in the evening); Char Koay Teow, less seafood and yummy Soy milk.

And a healthy dash of cili api!!!

My early dinner, 'bistik' at Vichuda's. Theirs were chicken, I thought the word 'bistik' had always meant 'beef steak'? 

Satisfied and was still thinking wtf to do at home that night.

Krishna was coughing and wheezing. So I accompanied him to the clinic that day. I still hate clinics. Never liked it. I feel so blessed that I am a healthy person, maybe not emotionally because I think I am a certified crazy... but I am healthy physically.

I am not going to post anything about what I did or where I went to on the 2nd or 3rd day. I still don't know what am I going to do tomorrow. :P... Suggestions are welcomed of course. :)


  1. Depends on who you have as company. Going alone, I'd suggest any place that interests you. Like that coffin museum. Ackh

  2. if you're with a friend, day trip to cameron highland. take cool pictures, have tea and pretend that you're in a Boh commercial. still can do that even if you are alone though.