Sunday, May 16, 2010


Question : Am I looking as if I am searching for my virginity?


(Okeh this CAN be a controversial piece).

My actual question here would actually be :

Is there any man who is a MAN out there, I wonder?

Even in that kind of light, it's hard to make out if there's any. ;)


  1. A man who is a man....?


    Huh? I no get it. I'm quite sure I'm a man who is a man. Not a man who is a woman or whatever inbetween. Ugh.

  2. Hihihi...

    Every woman has their own definition of a man.

    A man who is a racist bigot-Not a man

    A man who looks down on women - Not a man

    A man who disses people who watches documentaries --This one looong story---Not a man

    A man who talks too much about their money - Not a man

    A man who gossips more than he should - Ugh.. NOT a man.

    I can go on and on but the list is too frikkin' long.

  3. hmmm i think in order to find one, you should stop questioning.

    a man is a man. period. they're assholes, they're bastards but they are men. despite all that, they can be loving and kind because all of us have all those qualities - being bitches yet considerate of others, pain in the ass yet totally loving.

    men are men. you just have to look for the good qualities in them and see if you can tolerate the rest that are imperfect in your eyes. when you're both good together, all good and bad points just get complemented and you'll find that he'll sometimes sound (and act) just like you, while you sound and act just like him. it's a matter of finding someone who suits you perfectly and understands you well while they're not afraid to tell you off if you're being a pain.

    just my thoughts :)

  4. Juan,

    Good point.

    However too many things were told to me that I have to start questioning.

    I have friends who are (Still is) being verbally and physically abused by their husbands and boyfriends.

    How can these men even call themselves a 'man'?

    Of course I can never understand why is it that women still stick to these dickwarts.

    Not my place to say.

    But hey... I guess... whether I question the 'man'-eability or not, I have to agree.

    Men are men.

    Except for maybe gay men. somehow, I think that some gay men are more 'man' than some men who thinks that they are a 'real man'. ;)

  5. that's why they're gay hehehehhh... ;P

  6. Okay.. I think I get it... I think... ok.. I get it... I GOT IT!!! wahahahahahaa!

  7. That's a lot of "Man" in one post. I'm foncused.

  8. why am i the only one who doesn't understand this post?