Monday, March 24, 2008

To plunge or not to plunge

One of my good friends asked my opinion on her current situation.

The situation is one where a guy whom she got to know from the club that she frequents likes her. The guy is older, a lawyer and According to her; ‘is easy on the eyes.’

Older guys, that is one thing in common I shared with her. Not that I like older men, really, it’s just that older men are attracted to me. The last time I accompanied her to our all girl night out, I was approached by a guy probably 20 years older than me.

Anyway… it seemed like her whole entourage of friends gave him the thumbs up. she wouldn’t mind either, saying that she is tired of having uncertain relationships with men whom she will never get to be with and is at the point of wanting to just settle down with a man who will take care of her.

“Being this independent woman is tiring, at least, I don’t have to if I am with him.” she told me.

I agree with her on the independence thingie. Being too much of a survivor and someone who pays for their own bills and whatnots is extremely exhausting. We don’t have anyone else to vent on but ourselves.

I told her to not rush it. Afterall, she did meet the guy in a club where most heads are ruled by an unhealthy dose of alcohol.

“Go out on a proper date, talk proper things, things that are not induced by Mr. Jack Daniels or a bottle of Black Label… take your time and trust your guts.”

According to her, she intended to make me the final run through point. He may have passed the entourage, but he hadn’t gotten my approval yet.

Which, to her mattered the most because I know her better than anyone else.

“The most important thing is to be happy. I want to be happy babe, I don’t want to lie down in bed every night staring at the ceiling thinking about how empty life is.”

Sigh… you and me both sister, you and me both.

Anyway, I told her to arrange for a lunch date with the guy first. However the next day when I called her, she said she changed her mind. Somehow her gut instinct told her that he is only in it for the sex, and nothing more.

Besides, like what I told her, we know for sure that we could never actually trust any men who told women that ‘They only want companionship, people to travel with,’ and all that crap right? But more often that not, we gave men the benefit of the doubt.

Why? Because we believe (…) that not all men are bastards. (At least we hope so la).

And surely us so called independent women are allowed to have a shot at being happy in a relationship kan?


  1. all men ARE bast*rds. just not all of us all the time.

    tell the guy she wants a celibate relationship. if he stays, chances are he's for real.

    kambing bila?

  2. Des,

    hmmmm.. wise words... nantila i cakap dengan dia..

    kambing? i am craving for fasta pasta now dude.. like seriously...

  3. Hmm.. I donno about Generation Y, but during my Generation X days, older men in pubs that have money were usually looking for part time girlfriends when their wives weren't good enough.

    Sorry man, but I really don't think the pub is a great place to meet that certain someone.

    But that's just me.

  4. iSZO,

    ihik, it is still like that actually. i never bothered to layan all these buggers. i guess some people dont think so eh?

  5. Well, in that case I sure as hell hope you talked your friend out of it even though she didn't go ahead. A lingering thought is just as bad as being tempted.

  6. Izso,

    he turned out to be an arrogant rich bastard. no surprises there.

  7. If you find men on such place - u will get typical men that generally occupied such places